African Safari Animals. Bucket list animals to see on an African Holiday [extensive list].

The African continent is very rich in natural wildlife. This is the biggest factor for visitors who come to see these wild animals in their undisturbed natural environment.

In this article, we shall take a look at the African Safari animals - briefly talk about them. While there is so much more than the animals, they are the biggest part of Africa's tourism - and have always been even in the colonial period many decades ago.

This is a very comprehensive article and to make it easy to read and digest, we have grouped the animals according to their environmental habitat. Not geographical (countries) range - as that would add some complexity.

Another important thing to remember is that we have not included any birds, fish, insects or smaller reptiles. Those would have made this article endless. Articles for those will be created but in a way that focuses in on one thing more.

African Savannah Animals

The African Savannah climate is characterized by grassland and scattered trees. This includes the much drier semi-arid and arid areas.


pride of lions on the road in kruger np

As the king of the jungle, the lion is one of the popular savannah animals that people like to encounter on an African Safari. While there is plenty of lions in the zoo, the lions in the wild are not friendly and still live by the rules of the wild.

Lions are found in all most all savannah national parks in Africa. Tanzania has the biggest concentration of lions in its parks, but you will see lions in pretty much every safari national park below the Sahara desert.

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African Bush Elephant

muddy elephant

There are 2 kinds of African elephants - the African Bush elephant and the forest elephants (discussed later). The African bush elephant is the biggest land animal and can weigh up to 7 tonnes (7,000 kg).

The African Bush elephant is bigger than the forest elephant in size, and the tusks of the African bush elephant curve outwards and upwards.

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cheetah with baby cub

The Cheetah is another african animal worth addding to your bucketlist. A part from being the fastest land animal, cheetahs are good hunters that can stalk their prey at close proximity until they can pounce. 

Additionally, cheetahs look adorable, with those black tear streaks on their small head. Take a look our article on cheetah facts to learn more about these fast animals.

African Buffalo

african buffalo head

The African Buffalo is regarded as one of the most dangerous animals of the African continent. Buffaloes have a temper especially when they feel threatened. As a member of the Big-5, the threat of a buffalo is serious.

Buffaloes do look like regular cows with slight differences and can be found in most of the savannah national parks.

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rothschild giraffes

The Giraffe is the tallest land animal thanks to its very tall legs and neck. The giraffe's height helps it spot predators in a distance as well as eat from the tops of trees for very fresh leaves and twigs.

A giraffe is not an easy target in the jungle and a single kick with any of its legs could kill a lion. 

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The leopard is probably one of the best animals when it comes to isolation. The leopard's dotted skin is perfect for hiding in plain sight and this makes them hard to see. Leopards are more likely to be seen in the early morning, evening, or night game drives to catch them as they go hunting.

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rhinos in Nairobi np

The White Rhinoceros found in Africa is the second biggest land animal after the African Bush Elephant. Rhinos are known for their thick skin and the horns on the head.

While rhinos used to roam all over Africa in large numbers, they are now endangered and the remaining rhinoceroses in the wild live in wildlife protected areas around Eastern and Southern Africa. Check out our article to learn some Interesting things about rhinos.


yawning hippo

Hippos are one of the savannah animals which don't like the relentless heat and sunshine. This is why they spend much of the daytime in water and feed during the night. 

Hippos are also very unpredictable and highly regarded as more dangerous than lions.

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resting zebras

Zebras are close cousins with domestic horses and the urge to walk up to a zebra and pet its mane is serious. Zebras are proably the easiest of all animals to identify, even for children and seeing them is always a treat.

These adorable black and white animals are very easy to see. Zebras are found in many national parks in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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African Wild dog

african wild dog pup

The African wild dog - also called the painted dog is by a large margin the best hunter of all wild animals in Africa. Due to their stamina and cooperation, African wild dogs boost a hunt success rate of 80%  which is better than the best lions or leopards. 

Besides being great hunters, African wild dogs are also great caretakers that look after their puppies in so well. Seeing a pack of these painted dogs on a hunt would be among the best safari experiences you could hope for.

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meerkats on look out

Meerkats are the small adorable surprises that welcome visitors to Southern Africa's arid parks such as Kalahari and Mkadikadi in Namibia and Botswana - respectively. Seeing a clan of meerkats going about its day burrowing, playing and being vigilant is a fun and enjoyable experience.

The fact that meerkats are immune to scorpion venom is both awesome and mind-boggling, but that is the wonder and marvel of the African wilderness.

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African Forest Animals

As the heading suggests, these are some of the animals that live in predominantly forested environments.


chimps grooming in gombe np

Chimpanzees are the closest animal relative to man. We share more than 98% of our DNA with chimps. As close relatives, chimpanzees are intelligent animals and their complex social structures can be observed in the wild.

The conservation status of chimpanzees is endangered. Chimpanzees are found in many zoos all around the world, but you will only see them in their natural world if you visit tropical countries of western and Eastern Africa.

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young gorilla in Rwanda

Gorillas are the biggest primates on the planet. They share around 97% of Human DNA and are therefore intelligent. Like chimpanzees, gorillas have complex social structures with the males (silverbacks) at the head of each family.

There are 2 species of gorillas - the western (lowland) gorillas and the Eastern (mountain) gorillas. Both species are critically endangered.

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Golden Monkey

golden monkeys in the rain forest

Golden monkeys are only found in the Virunga volcanoes of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. These small and very playful monkeys have a distinct golden-orange patch of hair on its back.


patas monkey

Apart from golden monkeys, there are more than 10 other species of monkeys spread in the various forests of Africa. The most common species will be the colobus monkeys that are common in very many countries.

African Forest Elephant

Unlike the massive African Bush Elephant, the African forest elephant is smaller and more adapted to live in forests. The African forest elephant has darker skin and downward-pointing tusks as an adaptation for the forest environment.



Other Habitat







Those are the African Safari animals that people see when they go on an African Safari holiday. As you know, not all places have all animals and so you would have to choose a country or region that gives you most of what you want.

While these are the commonly seen animals, the guarantee of seeing them is not an absolute rule. Wild animals don't follow our plans. Similarly, you may see other animals not mentioned here. Like I said in the introduction, detailing all the animals could be endless.

In any case, if there is an animal that you are fascinated by, tell us and we will either add it here or create a full-blown article for it. You could guest write it too.


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