About Us

Safari Partner is an African Travel platform driven by a passion to share the beauty and diversity of Africa. From the natural geography to the peoples and their history and culture, Africa is a place to embrace.

At Safari Partner, we believe in the fundamental truth that travel can change perspectives and break bad stereotypes. For us, Travel is a good engine for the conservation of the environment, exchanging of knowledge and breaking social barriers.

Beyond this, we know that travel is an investment in one's life. A form of education or learning, that changes the life of someone as well as the lives of the people close to that person.

What We Do.

We play the role of a bridge. We are a resource for the information you might need to explore everything that Africa has to offer. 
We invest time and energy to make sure that the resources we provide are correct and helpful to our audience.


Our deepest lying reason is to help more people learn about and even travel to these various places. Additionally, we very well know the beauty that exists in these different areas and believes that avid travellers will be curious about going there.

With our information, we hope to help you make a good and informed decision about your travel such that you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Our Community

In doing all the above, we keep building a passionate community of people that love travel and are willing to help each other out. That way, everyone is a safari partner to someone else. Eventually, a big network of people who care about helping other traveller friends is what we are building - one brick at a time.

Local Partners

The question is, do we partner with local tour operators in various countries? The answer is YES, we do.

We do work with an array of local tour operators in various countries and regions. These are selected on merit. Such companies have a good track record and values that align with what we consider 'good for the traveller, locals and environment'.

Partnering with local destination management companies doesn't mean that we will be making all kinds of noise about them. They are a reliable and trusted source that we can recommend to our community of friends. It is a cool and quiet relationship