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Safari Partner Ltd is a Ugandan Destination Marketing & Management Company that provides travel resources and arranges trips to different African countries. Our broad network of partnerships enables us to offer valuable information resources and ensure outstanding service for your African travel plans.

We are driven by a passion for sharing with you all that Africa has to offer. From the nature and geography to the people and their timeless stories. 

For us, travel is a good engine for positive fundamental change both for the natural world and the human race. It is a daring investment into oneself, nature and other humans. 

Admittedly, travel has always bridged the world and broken social barriers but we are more intentional about it. And that intentionality means that your travel with us is impactful at every turn.

Safari Partner's Unexpected Start

It is early 2015 and Daniel (our founder) goes to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to help with a website for the Insititute of Tropical Forest Conservation (ITFC) in Ruhija. While he was unprepared for the coldness, he got to spend a month with some incredible researchers whose conservation work can never be appreciated enough.

It is true what they say about curiosity, because he asked questions about everything and by the time he left Bwindi, he knew he would be back. He has been back a few more times. The result of all these questions was learning and appreciating everything about the natural world and the need to preserve it. 

A few years later, he started working with some of the top tour companies in Kampala - learning even more each day. And in 2020, (of all years) he started to start a tour company and spent the pandemic lockdown learning more about the industry and building the first pieces of content for the website.

This little section doesn't tell the whole story of Safari Partner's Journey but it gives you the highlights so that you can know that our inspiration and commitment is true. If it wasn't the spirit for all this would have wavered many years ago.

Founding Principles

Sustainable Travel, Social Inclusion, and Service Excellence

At the core of Safari Partner's philosophy are three foundational values: a commitment to sustainable travel practices, the pursuit of challenging social barriers, and an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service. It is as simple as that.

These 3 principles provide a system that propels each journey towards being a potential catalyst for positive global change- a ripple effect of impactful experiences. We ensure these principles are embodied in everything we do - big or small.

Intentional Innovation

Continuously Elevating Travel Experiences

At Safari Partner we thrive on innovation, a perpetual quest to redefine the possibilities within travel. This drive propels us to continually evolve our products and services, ensuring that our people get more than they (and we) could have envisioned at the beginning.

Beautiful Shared Humanity

Meaningful Connections with Local Communities

For us at Safari Partner, a safari is much more than visiting beautiful places. It's about creating genuine connections with new people, being part of their story, and them - part of ours, as well as feeling the authentic warmth that defines each encounter. Every journey becomes a unique tapestry woven with the threads of cultural richness and shared humanity.

Your Safari Experience

A Symphony of Dedication, Authenticity, and Positive Impact

Choosing to go on a safari with SafariPartner is much more than visiting new places. It is going on a journey - of discovery of the outside world, and yourself - crafted with meticulous dedication to providing you the best experience we can imagine. 

With our team, we work with you to make sure every detail of your trip is made for you. Our team comprises experienced travel consultants, seasoned guides, great partners and a commitment to providing friendly service. 

Each experience is designed to be true - and leave a positive imprint on you as well as the planet and its people.

A Vision for Impactful Growth

Changing Lives, One Safari - at a Time

Our vision of a positive impact extends beyond the definitions of travel. We want to directly change many lives, but even more, we want those directly impacted by us to go and 'play it forward' and impact other people and areas unknown to us.

We can't know how far the ripple of our effort will go, but we keep making this effort - every day. As Safari Partner grows, so does our ability to touch lives, both known and unknown. 

Each safari becomes a catalyst for change, contributing to a world where positive transformation is not just a distant dream but a tangible reality.

Embracing the Unreasonable

A Journey of Courageous Curiosity

With audacious courage, Safari Partner believes in the power of its contribution to bring about significant change in the world. 

If your curiosity at times ventures into the realm of the unreasonable, if you seek a journey where travel intertwines seamlessly with purpose, then you are our kind of person. Join Safari Partner on a transformative odyssey where every safari becomes a step towards a better world.