• wilde beest and zebra in ngorongoro crater
    The popularity of Ngorongoro spans more than 80 years, and is popular for sites such as Olduvai Gorge which shows a long and extensive archeological sequence of human evolution.
  • elephants in Akagera np
    Named after the Kagera river, Akagera National park includes swamp, savannah, and montane habitats for various animals and plants.
  • zebras in national park
    Gazetted in 1962, Kidepo Valley National Park remains Uganda's most remote and surely finest wilderness.
  • giraffe in etosha
    Etosha National Park is Namibia's most popular place for wildlife game viewing. The park has 4 of the big 5 African safari animals, as well as favorites like giraffes, zebras, hyenas, and more than 300 species of birds.
  • pride of lions on the road in kruger np
    Kruger National Park is located in Northeastern South Africa. Kruger is one of the largest game parks in the whole of Africa.
  • chobe river sunset cruise
    Chobe is known for its large population of elephants (the biggest in the world) as well as the strange lions that often dare to hunt elephants.
  • mabira forest
    Mabira Forest is the biggest natural rainforest in Central Uganda and one of Uganda's birding hotspots.
  • chimp in Kibale np uganda
    Kibale National Park is well-known as being a very important eco-tourism and safari destination in Uganda because of the population of habituated chimpanzees, as well as 12 other species of primates
  • ssezibwa falls
    The fascinating tales of Ssezibwa Falls are as old as the Buganda Kingdom. Buganda locals and Royals visit the falls for blessings and good fortune.
  • tree climbing lionesses in manyara
    Manyara National Park is situated between Lake Manyara and the great rift valley covering an area of 325km. This protected area is in Arusha Tanzania around the Manyara region.
  • herd of barbary stag in El Feidja np
    El Feidja National Park is located in Northwestern Tunisia. The park is home to many animals most notably the Barbary stag, African golden wolf, and Barbary boar.
  • uwec entebbe zoo
    Popularly Known as Entebbe Zoo, the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre is a refuge for casualty animals found in Uganda's wild places.
  • vredefort dome in south africa
    The Vredefort Impact Crater is the largest verified impact crater on earth. It is found in South Africa's Free State Province and aptly named after the town of Vredefort which is close to its center.
  • walking zebra
    Mountain Zebra National Park is located in South Africa's Eastern Cape province and was established for the purpose of preserving the endangered Cape Mountain Zebras.
  • lake mutanda uganda
    Lake Mutanda is a small freshwater paradise tucked in between Uganda's home of the gorillas.