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Safari Pocket Money. A guide for carrying extra cash on your Uganda safari.
Here's how to handle & budget your safari spending for a Uganda safari trip. Experiencing gorillas, wildlife, landscapes, & culture has never been easier.
Facts About Golden Monkeys. 14 incredible things worth knowing.
Welcome to the realm of golden monkeys. From their vivid fur to their complex social systems, learn what makes these playful primates interesting.
East Africa Tourist Visa. 1 visa to visit Rwanda, Uganda & Kenya
The East Africa Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa for foreigners visiting a combination of Uganda, Kenya, or Rwanda.
Mountain Gorilla Habitat. Where you can visit to personally meet the gorillas
Seeing gorillas is perhaps the ultimate African wildlife experience. Here are some destinations where you can observe these magnificent silverbacks up close.
Birds Of Uganda
Uganda is a birder's paradise with around 50% of all African bird species. Here is the full list showing the birds of Uganda
Chimps Wild Habitat. Where you can see chimps in their natural home.
Chimpanzees, our closest animal relatives live in the rainforests of Western and Central Africa. Learn all about their habitat, and how you can see chimps in the wild.
What Chimpanzees Eat. Diet and eating habits of chimps in the wild.
Chimpanzees are the closest relative to humans that we know of. Here is what they eat when in the wild.
Visiting Uganda For Photography. Best tips & insights for enthusiasts and novices
Whether you take photos at a professional level or you are a hobbyist, Uganda will give you a rewarding experience.