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golden monkeys in the rain forest
Facts About Golden Monkeys. Their secret lives, diet, habitat, behaviour & much more.
Discover the captivating world of golden monkeys - from their vibrant coats to their intricate social structures. Learn about their diet, behavior, conservation efforts, and more.
Endangered African animals. 18 endangered & critically African animals.
Africa is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife in the forests and savannahs. Here are 18 of the most endangered African animals that you might be able to see on safari.
kigali city
Rwanda as a tourist destination. 8 reassuring reasons to visit Rwanda in 2023
Rwanda is one of the top countries to visit in Africa and the world as a whole. Here are 8 reassuring reasons to visit Rwanda.
giraffe in etosha
African Safari Animals. Bucket list animals to see on an African Holiday [extensive list].
The African continent is very rich in natural wildlife. This is the biggest factor for visitors who come to see these wild animals in their undisturbed natural environment.
beisa oryx in savannah
11 Incredible Facts About Beisa Oryx. Diet, Habitat, Horns, threats & much more.
The Beisa Oryx also called the East African Oryx, is a captivating and rare antelope type found in the dry regions of eastern Africa.
wildebeest super herd great migration
Wildlife of the Serengeti. 15+ Wild animals you can see in the Serengeti on safari
Visiting the Serengeti is on most travelers who want to see wildlife in the millions. Here are the animals of the Serengeti National Park.
leopard v cheetah eyes
Differences between Cheetahs And Leopards. 10 ways [with pictures] to easily tell leopards from cheetahs.
They both have beautiful patterns on their coats and are big cat predators. Here is how you can very easily tell cheetahs and leopards apart.
leopard laying in grass
14 Fun Facts About Leopards. Habitat, hunting, size & more about the sneakiest big cat.
Leopards are Africa's most elusive and solitary animal but are arguably the most beautiful of Africa's big cats. Here are some interesting things to know about leopards.
leopard walking on tarmac
Leopards Wild Habitat. Where can you find African leopards in the wild?
African leopards are some of the most iconic big cats in the world. Here is all you need to know about their habitat, and what they like in their natural wild home.
hippo vs lion
African Animals Bite Force. Which African animals bite the strongest? Hippos, Crocs, Lions?
Uncover the incredible bite force of African animals including lions, hyenas, hippos, and more. Discover how these creatures have evolved to survive in the wild.
young gorilla in Rwanda
21+ Interesting Facts About Gorillas. Relation to humans, diet, habitat, strength & more
Seeing gorillas is one of the top African Safari Experiences. Here are some things that make gorillas very interesting and exciting to see on holiday.
yawning hippo
Are Hippos Dangerous? Yes. The size, temper and biteforce to kill a lion in one bite.
Seeing hippos in the wild is a real joy but don't be fooled by their adorable exterior, hippos are more dangerous than another savannah animal you will encounter.
Facts About Hyenas. 17+ Interesting things to know about hyenas. Diet, habitat, hunting & much more
Beyond a bad popular reputation, hyenas are among some of Africa's most interesting wild animals. Here is how.
nile crocodile entering water
Nile Crocodile Facts. 21 Jaw-dropping facts about the bite force, diet, hunting & much more.
Nile crocodiles are more than just big, scary reptiles. In this article, we uncover 15 surprising and fascinating facts about these animals. From their unique adaptations to their cultural significance, there's a lot to discover. Click here to learn more.
ethiopian wolf walking
9 Fascinating Facts About Ethiopian Wolf. Habitat, Hunting & Conservation
Explore the world of the rare and fascinating Ethiopian wolf. Learn about the diet, habitat, hunting, conservation, and other interesting facts about the Ethiopian wolf.