Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is well known as one of Africa's top destinations. Whereas most people first come to Rwanda for an encounter with the rare mountain gorillas, the history, culture, and epic scenery stays with them much more than expected.

Rwanda's warm climate and welcoming people have made it one of Africa's places to travel. live and do business - a factor that has seen Rwanda's growth and development skyrocket from the past ashes of the terrible 1994 genocide.

Whether you want to see the gorillas or to explore Africa's cleanest city of Kigali with all its culture and history, you are guaranteed to have a good time in Rwanda.

Quick Facts

Climate: Temperate Tropical Highland Climate

Timezome: GMT +2

Official Language: English, French

Main Airport: Kigali International Airport

Driving Side: Right

Power Voltage: 230 V

Power Outlets: Type C, & Type J

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