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Impactful African Safaris

At Safari Partner, we are crazy enough to believe that travel can be a catalyst for transformative impact to the travellers, the planet and other humans. All this, while still ensuring that your experience is beyond words. 

If intentionality about your travel sounds like something you would enjoy, you are our kind of person. However you envision your African safari, we want to be there with you from start to finish - we want to be your Safari Partner. 

Here are 3 simple reasons why you should trust us to go on this journey with you.

Exceptional Service

At the forefront of every little thing we do is people - Real People. The opportunity and responsibility to serve you is something we truly cherish.

Strong Team & Partners

We have built a strong team and an exceptional network of partnerships across the hospitality space all over Africa. All, to ensure that YOUR safari is the best.

Sustainable Travel

The 'ideal safari' we strive for, is good for you, good for other people, and good for the planet. We are not just interested in sustainability, we are committed.


Big Savings,

even bigger experiences - just for YOU.

Join the inner circle of people who are always first to know about any deals, discounts and special tips. We want you to explore Africa, and have your own transformative experience.