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Welcome to Zimbabwe: A Land of Adventure and Natural Wonders!

Step into a world where wildlife roams freely across vast landscapes and where the heartbeat of ancient civilizations resonates through majestic ruins. Zimbabwe, nestled in the heart of Southern Africa, invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery, and warm hospitality.

Picture yourself standing in awe before the legendary Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Feel the mist on your face as millions of gallons of water cascade into the Zambezi River, creating a spectacle that leaves a lasting imprint on your soul.

But Zimbabwe is more than just the awe-inspiring Falls. Traverse through diverse ecosystems in Hwange National Park, where elephants roam in abundance, or set your sights on the mystical ruins of Great Zimbabwe, an ancient city steeped in history and mystery.

Engage with the welcoming locals, their smiles reflecting the rich tapestry of Zimbabwean culture. Experience traditional dances, taste the flavors of authentic African cuisine, and hear stories passed down through generations around crackling campfires under a star-studded sky.

For adrenaline junkies, Zimbabwe offers a playground of adventure. Dare to bungee jump over the Zambezi River, embark on a thrilling safari, or drift along the Zambezi on a sunset cruise, soaking in the mesmerizing beauty that surrounds you.

Come, discover Zimbabwe - a land pulsating with untamed wilderness and a tapestry of cultures waiting to be explored. Let its authenticity, natural beauty, and genuine warmth touch your spirit and ignite your sense of wanderlust.

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Country Summary

Climate: Temperate Climate

Timezome: GMT +2

Official Language: English

Main Airport: Harare International Airport

Driving Side: Left

Power Voltage: 240 V

Power Outlets: Type D & Type G