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Mount Elgon National Park is found in Eastern Uganda along the international border between Uganda and Kenya. The National Park and UNESCO biosphere reserve is named after the dominant physical feature, Mount Elgon.

Mount Elgon is the largest and oldest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa, and its highest peak is the 4th highest after Mount Kilimajaro, Mount Kenya and Mount Rwenzori.

Mount Elgon rises more than 3000 metres above the surrounding plains and reaches a total height of 4321 metres above sea level. The various climatic zones on mount Elgon are home to a variety of plant and animal life including more than 300 bird species.


While visiting Mount Elgon National park, you can partake in any of the following activities

  • Mountain climbing
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Photography
  • Camping
  • Exploring waterfalls & caves
  • Hot springs in the caldera

When To Visit

The best time to visit Mount Elgon is during the dry season months between June to August as well as December to March.

The climbing difficulty doesn't require special equipment or experience and therefore it can be managed even in the wet seasons. The rainy season has a lot of rain and the temperatures can be uncomfortably cold for hikes that go to higher altitudes.

Getting There

Mount Elgon National Park is located 235 kilometres east of Kampala and a drive through Jinja can take about 3.5 hours. 

Where To Stay

The accommodations options in the park are quite limited especially as you ascend in altitude but there are plenty of options if you are in the nearby town of Mbale and around Sipi Falls.

Visitors who intend to climb to Wagagai peak will have to contend with the basic camps at higher altitudes.