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Kidepo Valley National Park is located in Northeastern Uganda, along the borders of Kenya and South Sudan. Gazetted in 1962, Kidepo Valley National Park remains Uganda's most remote and surely finest wilderness.

Kidepo is well known for its profusion of wildlife - with more than 70 mammals and over 470 bird species. Kidepo is home to some birds of prey that aren't found anywhere else in Uganda.

The 2 dominant valleys of Kidepo and Nurus are the main attractions because of the seasonal rivers - which later turn into highly valuable water spots for animals. 


On your visit t Kidepo, you will be able to take part in any of the following activities;

  • Game Drives
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking / Nature Walks
  • Community Visit
  • Photography
  • Camping

Animals In Kidepo Valley National Park

Here are the animals that live in Kidepo Valley National Park on your visit.

  •  Elephants 
  •  Zebras 
  •  Nile Crocodiles
  •  Bush Pigs
  •  Giraffes
  •  Waterbucks
  •  Buffalos
  •  Lions
  •  Reedbucks
  •  Beisa Oryx
  •  Dikdiks
  •  Roan Antelopes
  •  Hyenas
  •  Cheetahs 
  •  Greater Kudus
  •  Elands
  •  Hartebeests
  •  Lesser Kudus
  •  Leopards
  •  Gazelles
  •  Uganda Kobs

When To Visit Kidepo Valley N.P

You can Visit Kidepo at any time of the year. When you visit during the dry months (September - March) of the year, you will easily see all the animals as they congregate in the seasonal river valleys for water.

In the wet season, the lush savannah is a sight to behold and you will still easily find the animals.

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Getting To Kidepo Valley N.P

Kidepo Valley National Park is located about 600 kilometers from Kampala, in Northeastern Uganda.

The drive from Kampala to Kidepo Valley National Park takes between 10 and 12 hours. To avoid being exhausted, this drive is rarely undertaken without a break, but it can be done.

The roads are good and you will be able to reach Kidepo with any capable car. It is advisable to get a 4WD capable car because the game drives might require that strength and capability.

You can get to Kidepo by road and by air - with a chartered local flight. Chartered flights can be arranged from Entebbe and will have you in Kidepo in only a few hours.

Where To Stay In Kidepo

While in Kidepo, you will have many options for where to stay. There are both luxury and budget-friendly options. You can also find accommodation in the towns which are near the national park at more flexible prices.