• white desert np egypt
    White Desert National Park in Egypt is home to strange rock formations and snow-white sand - in the Sahara desert.
  • marrakech sunrise morocco
    Marrakech (Marrakesh) is the fourth largest city in Morocco. It is one of the four historical capital cities of Morocco along with Fez, Rabat, and Meknes.
  • zebras in national park
    Gazetted in 1962, Kidepo Valley National Park remains Uganda's most remote and surely finest wilderness.
  • mount moroto
    Mount Moroto is increasingly popular with visitors because it offers wonderful hiking experiences to appreciate the beauty of the Karamoja region.
  • mabira forest
    Mabira Forest is the biggest natural rainforest in Central Uganda and one of Uganda's birding hotspots.
  • abu simbel temple on lake nasser
    Lake Nasser is one of the largest man-made lakes and lies in Egypt's Upper Nile Valley. Lake Nasser is lined by many ancient Egyptian temples and monuments.
  • Omo kibish formation ethiopia
    Omo National Park is located in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. The park was demarcated in November 2005 and covers more than 4000 square kilometers of land.
  • nyungwe canopy walkway
    Ngunywe Forest National Park is popular with people who want to see chimpanzees in the wild, on their trip to Rwanda.
  • mountain of the dead siwa oasis egypt
    Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt's most isolated attractions whose charm and culture are unique, yet as old as Egypt.
  • zebra and eland in lake mburo np
    Lake Mburo National Park is located in Southwestern Uganda along the Kampala Mbarara highway. Lake Mburo, together with 13 other lakes forms an extensive wetland system. Lake Mburo is popular for its zebra population in Uganda.
  • semuliki female hotspring
    Semuliki National Park's combination of Eastern and Central African ecosystems is the only one in East Africa.
  • ziwa rhino sanctuary
    Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is a safe haven where Rhinos in Uganda are protected from human and non-human predators.
  • chimpanzee in the forest
    Kibira National park is located in northwestern Burundi. The park borders Nyungwe National Park which is located on Rwanda Southwestern border with Burundi.
  • mana suspension bridge in korup np
    Korup National Park is located in the Southwest province of Cameroon. The national park covers more than 1200 square kilometres of mostly undisturbed old-growth forests. 
  • kakum np canopy walkway
    Kakum National Park is located in the coastal environs of Ghana's central region. Kakum National Park is unique in that its establishment was sparked by the initiative of the local people.