botswana visa stamp
Botswana Visa Requirements for Tourists. Processes & Exemptions
Here is all you should know about Tourist Visas for Botswana. Requirements and Visa exemptions.
Dian Fossey Gravesite
Rwanda Dian Fossey Hike. Your Journey into mountain gorilla conservation
The Dian Fossey Hike in Rwanda is a great way to learn about the work and impact of Dian Fossey on the conservation of mountain gorillas.
kigali city
Rwanda as a tourist destination. 8 reassuring reasons to visit Rwanda
Rwanda is one of the top countries to visit in Africa and the world as a whole. Here are 8 reassuring reasons to visit Rwanda.
giza pyramids wide
Best Time to Visit Egypt. With helpful climate info
Egypt is the oldest travel destination in the world and one of the most popular ones to date. Let's look at the best recommended time for you to take that trip to Egypt and do your own exploration of history.
egypt visa info
Egypt Visa Requirements For Travellers. Requirements, processes and visa exemptions
Before you can visit Egypt, you will need a tourist visa. Here is all the info about all the requirements, exemptions, and processes involved.
bibliotheca alexandria
Places to Visit in Alexandria Egypt. 10 Places for beaches, culture & history.
With libraries, historical sites, and underwater palaces Alexandria in Egypt is a place for the curious mind that wants to explore all the eras of known human history. Here are 10 places to start you off.
birdeye view of victoria falls
Victoria Falls Facts. 9 incredible facts that make Africa's Victoria Falls Iconic
A trip to Victoria Falls is a major highlight of any African safari holiday in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Here are some interesting things to make you want to visit.
matobo national park zimbabwe
12 Best Places To Visit In Zimbabwe. For authentic wildlife and culture experiences.
Zimbabwe's beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich culture are less known to many people. We picked some of the 12 best places to visit - that will give you wonderful memories of Zimbabwe.
vic falls flight of angels
Things to do in Victoria Falls. 16 exciting activities to enjoy in Africa's adventure capital.
Victoria Falls is regarded as the adventure capital of Africa. What would you do there? We've put together some ideas on the best things you can do.
zimbabwe visa policy map
Zimbabwe Visa Requirements for Tourists. Process, Price & Exemptions.
Before you can visit Zimbabwe, you will need to get a visa. Here is all the information you need to know about getting the visa, as well as the visa exemptions.
herd of elephants in Uganda
Heaviest African Animals. What is the heaviest animal in Africa?
With so many Animals in Africa, which animals would you think weighs the heaviest.
safest countries in africa
Safest African Countries To Travel To in 2022. Ranking first to last. [Research backed]
We consider the safest place to live in as the safest to travel to. Using the Global Peace Index rankings, Mauritius is the safest country in Africa while South Sudan is ranked last.
uganda kob with young calf
Facts About Uganda Kob. The symbol of Abundant Wildlife in Uganda
The Uganda kob is the national animal of Uganda and is represented on that national coat of arms and is meant to represent the abundant wildlife present in the country.
leopard laying in grass
Facts About Leopards. 14 interesting things to know about the sneakiest big cat
Leopards are Africa's most elusive and solitary animal but are arguably the most beautiful of Africa's big cats. Here are some interesting things to know about leopards.
nile crocodile entering water
21 Interesting Facts About The Nile Crocodile. Bite force, Diet, Hunting and much more.
The Nile crocodile has the strongest bite of African animals and is one of the apex predators that earn their respect in the wild.