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Visas are a crucial part of international travel. Whether you are travelling for leisure and tourism or work, a visa allows you to enter another country where you are not a citizen.

While Citizens of the United kingdom can visit all countries in Africa, there is a need to get a visa for a specific country. 11 African countries have agreements with the United Kingdom to allow citizens of the UK to visit for a certain period without the need to first obtain a visa.

visa free african country for uk citizens

For the specific country you might be planning to visit, it is always better to cross-check with the official government websites just to be certain that no new changes will surprise you. Check to be sure that the allowed period for your visa aligns with the amount of time you would be spending in any given country.

Visa-Free African Countries For U.K Citizens

Each of the 11 African countries that allow visa-free entry for British citizens has different terms for the free visa. Before you set off for your travel, you should have a clear understanding of these terms and limitations.

# Country  Duration  Exception Terms
1.   Botswana  90 Days  
2.   Cape Verde  30 Days You must register online at least 5 days before arrival.
3.   Eswatini  30 Days  
4.   The Gambia  90 Days  
5.  Mauritius  90 Days  
6.   Morocco  90 Days  
7.   Namibia  90 Days  Must be in a single Calendar year
8.   Sao Tome & Principe  15 Days  
9.   Senegal   90 Days  
10.   South Africa  90 Days  
11.  Tunisia  90 Days  

Most countries allow visa-free entry for a period of not more than 90 days. Cape Verde and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) allow a stay of 30 days, while Sao Tome & Principe allow for only 15 days.

The duration of the visas should not be a problem in the event that your planned stay is longer. Each country has procedures for extending your visas while you are already there. Visa extensions often come at a cost but the process is quite straightforward.

As with all visas, any of the countries involved reserve a right to deny entry as well as change the visa policy. This means you should take a look at the government websites for the latest official information from the government.

The UK government website provides up-to-date information on travelling abroad.

Here are the full articles that take a deeper look at the visa requirements of some of the above countries which allow for visa-free entry to citizens of the United Kingdom. These articles will give you an idea of what is required as well as how to go about getting your visa.

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Furthermore, if you are Canadian, or American here are some full articles on where you can travel to Africa without the need for a tourist visa.