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Blue Lagoon National Park is located in the northern part of the Kafue Flats found in Zambia's Central Province. Blue Lagoon National Park is a small wildlife haven covering an area of around 500 square kilometres some 100 kilometres west of Lusaka.

In Blue Lagoon National park, you can see Lechwe, Zebra, reedbuck, buffalo among other animals and hundreds of birds. The land of the National Park was once a farm - and the old farmhouse now acts as the park reception.


While visiting Blue Lagoon National Park, you can do any of the following activities.

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Photography
  • Unguided walking safari

When To Visit

You can visit Blue Lagoon National Park in Zambia at any time of the year. The best recommended time is from November to April during the wet season. 

The park's main attraction is birds and water-loving animals and it is in the wet season that both of these can best be enjoyed.

Getting There

Blue Lagoon National Park is located about 100 kilometers west of Lusaka and the drive takes less than 2 hours. Visitors are advised to travel in a 4WD car or a capable equivalent.

This makes Blue Lagoon National Park a very easy getaway for a weekend from Zambia's capital - Lusaka.

Where To Stay

Blue Lagoon National Park has a number of accommodation options for overnight guests. There are chalets near the old farmhouse (now park reception) and some newer lodging properties.

The park doesn't receive very many visitors and so the limited accommodation will mostly not become a problem. We advise that you call ahead just to make sure that you will have some space saved for you.