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Situated in Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro region near Moshi town, the park is located 300km south of the border of Kenya. The park was declared as a World Heritage Site in 1987 by UNESCO.

It’s a true definition of East African beauty, with it being the highest mountain in the whole of Africa and its name is derived from light and greatness with three volcanic cones the Mawenzi, Kibo, and Shira, inclusive of the Montane forests.

The park is home to a variety of bird species including Kilimanjaro National Park harbours a number of wildlife species, cape buffaloes large herds of African elephants digging in the mud around Namwai and Tarankia rivers, and other primate species like blue monkeys, giraffes, bats, antelopes, western black and white colobuses, bushbabies, leopards, and so many other species.


1. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the most practised activities around the park. Most of the tourists travel to Tanzania just to climb the mountain as well as view the inside beauty of nature within the park.

There are designed trailing routes that tourists can follow throughout their adventure with the help of guides. Hiking depends on the fitness of the traveller and most times celebrations come to the successful hikers.

2. Game Viewing 

The park's ecosystem is home to more than 30 animal species including bushbucks, forest elephants, dik dik, hyenas’ duikers, baboons, buffaloes, mongoose, and many others.

Game viewing is done by tourists with the help of game rangers to protect them from dangerous wild animals like leopards.

3. Chala Crater Lake

Enjoy the scenic beautiful specular views while camping around the lake with its incredible water which changes from turquoise to emerald green depending on the seasonal weather changes.

Take an adventurous trip just around the park for a memorable experience.

4. Bird Watching

Mountain Kilimanjaro National Park is a home for all types of birds that flutter through the trees and sing all around the tallest mountain in the park. Visitors can be able to hike the park while viewing some of these magnificent birds.

The park harbours over 750 bird species thus being the best stop for birders and some of the birds include the hornbill, malachite kingfisher, white brown coucal, violent crested turacorose turaco and so many other bird species.

When To Visit

Kilimanjaro National Park receives both dry and wet seasons since it’s near the equator. The best time for travellers is in the dry season, the months of December to March and throughout June to September.

Interestingly, in the wet season, the mountains are covered with ever-green fauna that’s eye-catching to the traveller. During this season, hiking becomes hard so it is dangerous to hike through the slippery trails, snow, and mud.

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Getting There

Mount Kilimanjaro national park can be accessed by having a flight to Arusha and by a tourist vehicle to the park. Most regional and international flights go directly to Kilimanjaro International Airport and access is very easy.

Where To Stay

Mount Kilimanjaro national park has the best accommodation facilities located in Arusha with very clear scenic beautiful views of the mountains just from town.

These comfortable lodges have experienced staff with the best African hospitality and are based on the budget and the interest of the visitor.