Tunisia Visa Requirements, Cost and Exemptions

As you plan on your trip to explore Tunisia's magnificent sights, long history, and rich culture, a visa is one thing you will need. Like with any one country, a visa allows you entry into the country for your intended purpose.

Citizens of most countries will need a visa to enter Tunisia unless your country is one of the visa-exempt countries for Tunisia.

In this article, we'll look at Tunisia's visa policy where we shall try to simplify the requirements, costs, process as well as which countries are exempt.

Visa Requirements

  • 6 months of passport validity after the date of arrival.
  • Recent passport-sized photo.
  • One blank passport page
  • Copy of your passport's first page.
  • Proof of hotel reservation or invitation from a host in Tunisia.
  • Completed Tunisia Visa Application form. Signed, and delivered to the nearest embassy or consulate.

Tunisia Visa Fees

Tunisia visa fees for a single entry are 90 USD, and 180 USD for multiple entries. These fees apply for Tourist, Business, and Transit Visas.

Visa Exemptions.

Tunisia is very open to visitors from many countries, and people from 97 countries and territories can visit Tunisia visa-free. If your country is among the listed, you don't have to worry about processing a visa before visiting Tunisia.

Visa exemption works as long as your stay is within the allocated maximum time. If you are staying for longer, or intend to start working in Tunisia, you will need a visa.


Tunisia Visa Exemption List

E.U Citizens (except Cyprus) Comoros Libya Qatar
Algeria Costa Rica Liechtenstein Russia
Andorra Cote d'Ivoire Malaysia Saint Kitts and Nevis
Angola Equatorial Guinea Maldives Saint Lucia
Antigua and Barbuda Fiji Mali San Marino
Argentina Gabon Mauritania Saudi Arabia
Australia The Gambia Mauritius Senegal
Bahrain Guinea Mexico Serbia
Barbados Guinea Bissau Moldova Seychelles
Benin Hong Kong Monaco Singapore
Bosnia and Herzegovina Honduras Montenegro South Africa
Brazil Iceland Morocco Switzerland
Brunei India Namibia Turkey
Burkina Faso Japan New Zealand United Arab Emirates
Canada Jordan Niger United Kingdom
Cape Verde Kiribati North Macedonia United States of America
Chile South Korea Norway Vatican City
China Kuwait Oman  

Tunisia Visa exemption is valid for 90 days for all countries except the few mentioned below, under the special exemption section.

Special Exemptions.

  • Citizens of Canada and Germany can visit visa-free for up to 4 months.
  • Citizens of Bulgaria can stay up to 2 months without a visa.
  • Citizens of Greece are exempt for up to 1 month.

Diplomatic Exemptions

Holders of diplomatic or service category passports issued to nationals of China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Ukraine; of official passports issued to nationals of Thailand; of diplomatic passports issued to nationals of Albania, Cuba, Czech Republic, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore, Syria, and Vietnam do not require a visa.

Organized Tours.

Citizens of these 10 countries can enter Tunisia without a visa, as long as they are traveling on a group tour and have a hotel voucher.

Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Macao
Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine

Final Thoughts

The fact that Tunisia allows visa-free entry for people from so many places stands to show how much they value their tourism sector, and how open they are to visitors. Chances are that you might be among those people who needn't worry about getting a visa for Tunisia, and now all you are left with is the rest of the planning.

We have to mention that possession of a visa is never the final authority in entering any country.

Similarly, visa policies can often change without prior information. We work to make sure that we have the latest updates for you.