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Tanzania is a well-known travel destination because of the wonderful attractions in the country. From the oldest fossils of man to the Serengeti that flourishes with millions of animals and of course the incredible islands of Zanzibar.

Whether you are embarking on travel alone or with a group, there is always an apprehensive moment when you worry about things like safety. That is expected especially if your trip is to a distant place where you might not know many people.

In this article, we answer that question for you -whether Tanzania is safe for you to visit. Our answer is based on our experience and some research that is done on a global scale using the same metrics (Global Peace Index).

Is Tanzania Safe To Visit?

snow peaked mount kilimanjaro

In the whole of Eastern Africa, Tanzania is the safest place to visit. This is evidenced by the high number of travellers from all over the world who come to visit places like the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro or the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar every year.

Tanzania is the most politically stable country in Eastern Africa and has the longest record of peace.

According to the Global Peace Index data from 2023, Tanzania ranks 7th on the list of safest African countries. Globally, Tanzania ranks 58th in the whole world. That is higher than other countries like China and the USA.

While the Global Peace Index isn't specific for travel, the data collected is based on the likeliness of crime, terrorism, freedoms and other such factors that take a comprehensive look at whether a place is safe for living, working and travelling. It is the reliable data we use for our bigger article that looks at the safest countries in Africa.

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Is Tanzania Safe For Female Travellers?

Female travellers are safe to travel to any part of Tanzania whether in a group or alone. Like any other visitor, you are advised to avoid venturing into dark and suspicious places on your own and stick to common-sense safety tips for travelling to a new place.

When you are using a guide from a local tour operator, the guide will be your immediate help and you should feel completely free with him/her.

Is Tanzania Safe For LGBTQ+?

Like many African countries, LGBTQ rights are not recognized and upheld by the law or the general attitudes of the population. That being said, many LGBTQ couples have visited Tanzania in the past and continue to do so without any trouble of discrimination.

lgbt flag

The general attitude towards love and intimacy is conservative and any kind of public display of affection is frowned upon. This is for both heterosexual and diverse couples.

People in the travel sector have more open attitudes but since love and intimacy are generally considered private, it might not even come up for the whole trip.

Places To Avoid

As with any country in the world, caution is advised. In Tanzania's case, most governments advise extra caution in areas near the border with Mozambique because of recent instability in Mozambique.

Most of Tanzania's attractions are found in the northern part of the country and most tourists will not be venturing south towards Mozambique.

Safety Tips

Here are some general safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Don't carry valuables like expensive jewellery openly
  • Don't wander in the city after dark
  • Don't go to remote areas or beaches alone - even during the day
  • Don't enter a car with strangers
  • Follow your guide's instructions on what can and can't be done

Final Thoughts

Tanzania ranks high on most traveller lists for a reason. From the unbelievable Serengeti plains with millions of wild animals to Africa's highest peak and then the blissful Zanzibar, Tanzania offers a combination of attractions you couldn't get anywhere.

While safety and security are generally changing situations, Tanzania is very safe to visit and the people are warm and welcoming.

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