Best Time to Visit Tanzania. When should you go to Tanzania for your wildlife safari & beach holiday

Tanzania is one of the big boys when it comes to African travel destinations. With attractions like the Serengeti, Selous, Ngorongoro, and Kilimajaro, Tanzania is an attractive place for tourists from all over the world.

As you plan your next visit to Tanzania, it is best to go at the time which will let you have the best experience. In this article, we'll look at when is the best time for you to visit Tanzania.

wildlife in manyara np

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Generally, the best time to visit Tanzania is between the months of July and October which is a very dry season. This time is ideal for wildlife viewing in all the parks, the great migration in Serengeti as well as visiting Zanzibar's beaches.

This is the high season for tourists in Tanzania and popular parks can be quite crowded and sometimes the premium rates might apply.

If you would like to dodge the crowds, June might be a good time before other visitors come in bigger numbers.

Best Time For Wildlife Safari

The best time for wildlife viewing is during the dry season months. This is when animals will congregate around permanent water sources and you can be able to see bigger numbers.

Ngorongoro crater is perfect for wildlife all year round while Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Parks are also great for the whole year except in the heavy rain months of March, April and May.

wilde beest and zebra in ngorongoro crater

Best Time For Serengeti Migration

The Wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park happens all year round. It happens in a circular journey with a peak time being in the dry months between July and September. 

The animal crossings of the Grumeti and Mara rivers are the most popular period and you are advised to book in advance.

Here is a general seasonality associated with the wildebeest migration. 

 1   January   March

 Calving & big cat action (hunting)

 2  May  June

 Grumeti River crossing



 September   Migration crossing the Mara river into Masai Mara 

Best Time For Beaches And Zanzibar

zanzibar swimming in the ocean

Zanzibar can be visited all year round but the best time is from June to October. The months between November and March are still very good with little likeliness for rain.

The months of April and May receive a lot of rain and are not ideal for visiting Zanzibar, but do have low rates.

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Best Time For Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

The best time for Climbing Mount Kilimajaro is between the months of July and October as well as between January and March.

Best Time For Photography

tree climbing lionesses in manyara

If you are a professional photographer, the best time to visit Tanzania will be different from that of other people. Generally, the wet season will give your pictures great colour and the light will allow you to shoot for longer periods.

If you want to take pictures of many animals congregated near water, you can time your trip at the start or the end of the dry season. This way you avoid much of the crowd and still get longer shooting conditions as far as light is concerned.

The big thing is avoiding the crowds and getting ideal shooting conditions.

Final Thoughts

While the dry months are the times when most people would have a great experience visiting Tanzania, everyone has different tastes. We believe that the best time is that which will deliver your desired experiences.

Some people don't mind the crowds, but others want the intimate feeling that comes with being the only person on a safari on the stretching savannah horizon. It is a good thing that Tanzania has a lot of game parks and you can get the exact experience that would make you happiest.

As you talk with your tour operator, make sure you communicate every detail of what you would really enjoy. 

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