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Egypt is the oldest travel destination and people have visited Egypt from all over the world for centuries and centuries.

The questions about whether Egypt is safe to travel to were a very rare concern until the 2011 Arab Spring Revolution and the subsequent events later. The revolution resulted in an unsafe environment for visitors and an increased security risk for tourists and foreigners.

Except for some areas which are likely to have conflict, Egypt has turned the corner and is now a very safe place to go and visit.

Giza pyramid Complex

Is Egypt Safe To Visit

Egypt is a safe place to visit as a tourist. The safety and security situation in Egypt has improved in a big way since the 2011 revolution and the country is generally safe to visit. 

According to data from the Global Peace Index (GPI), Egypt's position has improved from 143 in 2018 to 136 in 2019 in the whole world. This data ranks each country on matters like safety, level of violent crime, the likeliness of terrorism, and many other factors.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Egypt received around 13 Million tourists in 2019 which is more than double the number of tourists received in 2016 (5.4 Million people).

As you can see from the research data, the situation is improving steadily and 13 million visitors is a testament that everything is being done to make Egypt a favourable destination.

Areas To Avoid In Egypt

As mentioned above, there are some areas where the likeliness of crime is high and you should thus try and keep them off your itinerary - for now.

  • Egypt's western border with Libya
  • Sinai Peninsular in the East
  • Egypt's Southern border with Sudan

These areas are hugely affected by the geopolitics of bordering countries and have led to some militarization zones.

Is Egypt Safe For Solo Females?

Alexandria Egypt

Depending on one's Solo travel experience, Egypt might feel unsafe for solo female travellers. Some people might ask to marry you, to show you a shortcut to a popular place, and other scams, but these happen to anyone who isn't cautious of them.

In a majority Muslim country, women are expected to dress more conservatively. This means that short or revealing clothing could attract unwanted attention and some bullying. Be especially mindful of the dress code in the fasting season of Ramadan - as a good guest.

In most places, there is heavy police deployment and this will protect you from most of the street crimes.

The general advice is that you move with a small group especially if you are going around the big cities. Having a tour guide eliminates most of the concerns since he gives you all the information needed in a particular area, and gives you the much-needed company.

Is Egypt Safe For LGBTQ+?

Egyptian law doesn't recognize and protect the specific rights of people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. This means that members of the LGBT community probably rethink visiting Egypt for a honeymoon or any romantic getaway. As a guest, you shouldn't get in the way of people's beliefs - however you feel about the same beliefs.

lgbt flag

This shouldn't stop you from going to visit the wonderful place of rich human history. Sexual orientation and identification are not information you will be required to provide before visiting Egypt. Just keep in mind that the general outlook is unfavourable and any public displays might attract the wrong attention - which in turn ruins your experience.

Each person has a different outlook on such aspects of various human communities, and depending on your level of comfort, you might find it helpful to talk to your guide ahead of time and get further reassurance.

Your whole trip will most likely go by without your sexuality ever coming up.

Final Thoughts

Exploring whether a place is safe or not is a tough task. Situations are always changing and no one can ever really guarantee complete safety. Be that as it might be, we think a visit to Egypt is an incredible learning and rewarding experience you couldn't match anywhere else. 

The research data we highlighted shows that Egypt is on a good trajectory as far as guaranteeing the safety and security of everyone - citizens and visitors alike.

While it might be slightly more restrictive than the Western countries, this comes down to the local culture and outlook on certain aspects of life. As a guest, you can pay attention to these social ways and try your best to respect them - since it is a way of respecting the people.

All in all, we hope that you feel more confident about visiting Egypt and checking it off that bucket list. 

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