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Egypt is the oldest travel destination in the world. People have been visiting Egypt from far and wide for not just centuries but several millennia.

Despite the disruption caused by the Arab Spring revolution of 2011, Egypt's tourism is already bouncing back from the significant downturn - and in a major way. There are more questions about visiting this land of the Pharaohs, and we'll look at what can be the best time to visit.

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Climate Of Egypt

The climate of Egypt is essentially a hot desert. Egypt receives very little rainfall with an average of 20 to 200 mm per year. In some areas, the average is closer to 0 mm of rainfall per year.

The summer temperatures in Egypt are high and can sometimes reach 40o C (104o F).

Best Months To Visit Egypt

The best months for visiting Egypt are between October and March. This is when the average temperatures drop from an average of more than 30 degrees Celsius to around 27 degrees Celsius - depending on where you are.

This isn't to say that you won't feel hot, but you won't be as hot as you would have been in the hotter summer period of May through August when days of 40 degrees Celsius are very possible.

Average temperatures in Degrees Celsius
1  Cairo 23.3 oC  19.5 oC  15.4 oC  14.0 oC  15.1 oC  17.6 oC
2  Alexandria 22.0 oC  18.7 oC  14.9 oC  13.4 oC  13.9 oC  15.7 oC
3  Luxor 25.9 oC  20.0 oC  15.1 oC  13.8 oC  15.9 oC  20.2 oC
4  Saint Catherine  16.0 oC  11.3 oC  7.1 oC  5.5 oC  7.1 oC  10.0 oC

As you can see, different places have different average conditions even during these cooler months of the year. Saint Catherine's average local conditions benefit from the high altitude and that is why its temperatures are significantly different.

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Visiting Egypt In The Summer

Your visit to Egypt should not be limited to the above months. You can visit at all times of the year - including the summer period. Before visiting in the summer, you should be ready to battle the heat. It is unrelenting.

If you happen to visit Egypt in the Summer, you should make sure to get an early start on your activities - just to get a head start before it gets really hot.

An advantage of the summer might be fewer numbers of visitors - since, of course, the heat will keep some people away. This might be appealing enough for you and worth the hot days.

Giza pyramid Complex

Visiting Egypt During Ramadan

Most Egyptians belong to the Islamic faith. This means that the Ramadan season is nationally recognized and you will notice that many restaurants might not be open during the daytime (fasting time).

Besides the restaurants, work goes on as normal, and visiting during Ramadan shouldn't be a big deal.

Consult with a local tour operator to make sure that your planned activities won't get in the way of an important religious season for the Egyptians.

Final Thoughts

Egypt is a wonderful place with more than 7,000 years of rich and well-preserved culture and history - as well as some of the most popular diving spots on the African continent.

You can visit any time of the year, but we recommend the cooler months of the year since a very hot day isn't very easy to enjoy. The people are friendly and you can enjoy and learn so much from visiting Egypt.

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