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Mount Bisoke is an active volcano in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda and DRC. Mount Bisoke is located in both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo but the summit is fully located in Rwanda.

Mount Bisoke is one of the 5 mountains that are enclosed in Volcanoes National Park and is home to the endangered mountain gorilla in the park.

Created as a result of rift action on the boundary of the Great Rift Valley, Bisoke is well known in the environmental research world because Dianne Fossey's work to protect gorillas happened here and still continues after her death.

Bisoke's highest peak rises 3,696 metres (12,126 feet) above sea level and is popular with climbers who can reach the summit in about 4 hours. On the hike, you get to see many birds and animals from monkeys to forest elephants.


While visiting Volcanoes National park, you can do any of the following things on Mount Bisoke.

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Gorilla trekking
  • Golden Monkey tracking
  • Bird watching
  • Visit Dian Fossey's Grave
  • Visit Karisoke Research Centre
  • Photography

When To Visit

Mount Bisoke and Volcanoes National Park can be visited at any time of the year but is most favourable in the dry months between June and August.

The wet season months experience heavy rains and this can be a disturbance for some activities especially if you intend to climb to the top of the mountain. 

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Getting There

Mount Bisoke is found within Volcanoes National park just 106 kilometres from Kigali - Rwanda's Capital City. The drive from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park takes about 2 hours.

Where To Stay

There are many accommodation options in Volcanoes National Park. As the most popular safari destination in Rwanda, you can be sure to find both 5-star luxury lodging as well as mid-range and budget options.

Bisko is part of volcanoes National Park - Rwanda's most popular travel destination. You will have many options of where to stay regardless of your preference and budget. Staying in the nearby town of Musanze will provide much more options for your budget.

The temperatures in the Volcanoes National Park are quite cooler due to the altitude. You should therefore carry some clothing to keep you warm in these highlands.