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Ssezibwa Falls is one of those attractions in Uganda that can easily stay unknown to many while significantly important to others. 

To someone who is not a Muganda, it is a beautiful 17-meter waterfall located just off the Kampala Jinja Highway. To someone who understands the Buganda culture, it is a representation of the first twins in the Buganda kingdom and an important cultural place for healing and prayer.

Legend has it that the Ssezibwa river along with its twin Bwanda was produced by a woman who gave birth to twins in form of water. The belief is that the spirits settled in the falls at Ssezibwa and this is why it is a popular spiritual and traditional place in Buganda.

The kings of Buganda (Kabaka) and locals have always gone to Ssezibwa falls for blessings from the gods for health, fertility, business, family trouble among other things.

The wild olive tree planted by Kabaka Mwanga around 1889 is still standing and quite the spectacle because of its immense size. Kabaka Mwanga is the Buganda King who is famous for the Uganda martyrs who were killed gruesomely.

Other Kabakas have also visited Ssezibwa and locals continue to visit for spiritual blessings and favour.

The location of Ssezibwa falls makes it easy for anyone to take a 15-minute detour off the Kampala Jinja highway to visit and learn about this place for an hour or two and then get back to the road.


On your visit to Ssezibwa, you can take part in any of the following activities.

  • A short hike around the falls
  • Bird watching
  • Learning about Buganda Culture
  • Picnic
  • Photography
  • Camping

When To Visit

Ssezibwa Falls is open to visitors all throughout the year but the best time would have to be in the rainy season when the river is overflowing and quite thunderous. 

The rains usually come between the months of September and November as well as March to May. The rain season is especially good for watching birds and photography.

You can also visit during the other times of the year, and the low volume of water might be ideal if you want to swim in the pool below the falls.

Getting There

Ssezibwa Falls is among the easiest places to access. It is located 17 kilometres from Mukono Town and 35 kilometres from Kampala City.

The location along the Kampala - Jinja Highway has made Ssezibwa a popular 'drop-by' spot for people travelling between Kampala and Jinja.

Where To Stay

Ssezibwa is mostly a stop-over attraction and the accommodation options are in the nearby towns since Kampala is just 35 kilometres away, and Mukono Town is even closer.

If you love camping, you can bring your gear and spend the night closer to the falls and calm river.