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Pretoria, South Africa's administrative capital, is a bustling city with a rich history and culture. Pretoria, located in the country's north, is a popular tourist destination due to its spectacular natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural attractions.

Pretoria is a city that visitors fall in love with because of its lush parks, wide avenues, and well-preserved architecture.


  • Visit the Union Buildings
  • Explore the National Zoological Gardens
  • Visit the Freedom Park
  • Go on a tour of the Voortrekker Monument
  • Explore the Pretoria Botanical Gardens
  • Visit the Cultural History Museum
  • Explore the Pretoria Art Museum

Best Time To Visit

Pretoria's climate is subtropical, with warm to hot summers and pleasant to chilly winters. The ideal months to visit are March to May and September to November, when temperatures are mild and rainfall is limited.

Here's a climate chart for Pretoria, South Africa showing average temperatures and rainfall for each month of the year:

 January  23.6  40
 February  24.5  40
 March  23.7  50
 April  20.9  50
 May  17.3  50
 June  14.1  50
 July  13.2  50
 August  16.0  50
 September   18.3  50
 October  20.7  50
 November  22.1  50
 December  22.7  50

As shown in the chart, Pretoria experiences warm to hot temperatures in the summer months of December to February and mild to cool temperatures in the winter months of June to August. The city receives relatively low levels of rainfall throughout the year, with the highest rainfall in the months of January to March.

Getting There

Pretoria has located approximately 46 km from Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city. It is easily accessible by road, with several highways connecting Pretoria to other cities in South Africa.

The city is also served by O.R. Tambo International Airport, which is located approximately 42 km from Pretoria and offers flights to various domestic and international destinations.


Pretoria has a variety of accommodation facilities, including luxury hotels, budget-friendly lodges, and self-catering flats. Depending on their interests and budget, visitors can select from a number of alternatives either inside the city or in adjacent places.