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Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city, is a busy metropolis that is a hive of activity, culture, and business. Johannesburg is a famous tourist destination for visitors from all over the world, thanks to its rich history and energetic culture.


  • Visit the Apartheid Museum
  • Explore the Constitution Hill
  • Visit the Nelson Mandela House
  • Explore the Carlton Centre
  • Visit the Johannesburg Zoo
  • Go on a Soweto tour
  • Explore the Johannesburg Art Gallery
  • Visit the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

Best Time To Visit

The climate of Johannesburg is subtropical highland, with hot summers and chilly to freezing winters. The months between April to September are ideal for a visit since temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is minimal.

January 26.3 25
February 26.3 25
March 25.6 25
April 22.5 20
May 19.0 15
June 16.1 10
July 15.6 5
August 17.0 5
September 19.0 10
October 21.2 20
November 23.1 20
December 24.7 25

Getting There

Johannesburg is well connected to the rest of South Africa and the world, with OR Tambo International Airport being the largest airport in the country.

Visitors can also reach Johannesburg by road or rail from other parts of South Africa, with several highways and rail lines connecting the city to other major cities and towns.


From budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses to luxury hotels and resorts, Johannesburg has a wide choice of lodging alternatives.

Depending on their interests and budget, visitors can select from a variety of alternatives located across the city. Visitors visiting Johannesburg can be guaranteed of a pleasant and convenient stay, as well as the chance to enjoy the dynamic environment of this wonderful city, regardless of where they choose to stay.