Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Rwanda has emerged as one of the go-to tourist destinations in Africa, for nature, culture and arts. Whether you plan to see the big-5 animals in Akagera, relax on the shores of Lake Kivu or Meet face to face with the endangered mountain gorillas, a trip to Rwanda is an experience unlike any other.

To make certain that your experience is as pure as possible, it is great to travel at the most favourable for your activity and personal preference.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Rwanda?

Rwanda can be visited at any time of the year but the best recommended time for tourists is during the dry season months between June and September as well as December and January. All throughout the year, the temperatures are warm and comfortable and the sun is always out.

While the dry months are generally great for safari-goers, your tastes and preferences might require something different.

Best Time To Visit Rwanda For Gorillas

young gorilla in Rwanda

The best time for tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is during the dry season months between June and September as well as December and January.

The wet months are very slippery, which is not easy on steep forested slopes.

Tracking gorillas is not an easy walk in the park and doing it in the dry season eliminates a certain amount of difficulty. This is why most people are advised to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda during the dry months of the year.

The dry months also have many tourists, and this could be something you want to avoid by visiting in the rainy seasons. Every encounter with gorillas is purely out of this world but the intimate encounters with fewer people and the very green and misty forest can be something beyond.

In short, rainy seasons can have the benefits of no crowds and great photography as long as you don't mind the rain and mud.

All in all, whatever time your schedule allows, you can go to Rwanda and see gorillas - and you will love it.

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Best Time To Visit Rwanda For Wildlife

elephants in Akagera np

While not as popular for its wildlife as it is for mountain gorillas, Rwanda's Akagera national park is a good place to visit for wild animals such as elephants, gazelles, lions, buffaloes, and hippos, giraffes and many others.

Unless your visit to Akagera National Park is purely for photography reasons, the best time for you is also during the dry season months of June to September and December to February.

The dry season makes it easy for you to find a lot of animals congregated near water sources. Akagera National Park is becoming increasingly popular but you don't have to worry about finding big crowds.

Best Time To Visit Rwanda For Birding

nyungwe canopy walkway

Most wildlife and nature activities benefit from the dry season but birding is actually best done in the rainy season. This is when you are able to easily find many birds in a single place, at any time of the day.

Whether you will be seeing the birds in Nyungwe Forest, Volcanoes, Akagera or the various other birding spots in Rwanda, the rainy season is the best time.

As a bonus, your pictures will pop with full lush colours.

Final Thoughts

As you plan to visit Rwanda (or any other place, really) take into account the activities you will be doing and how to enjoy the overall experience. Rwanda is not affected by extreme changes in climate seasons which could make one activity impossible at a given time of the year.

If you are moving in a group, getting everyone's input on the schedule and season would make the choice of time easy.