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Kazuma Pan National Park is located in Zimbabwe's extreme northwestern corner. The park lies on the border of Zimbabwe and Botswana - and is a close distance northwest of Hwange National Park.

Kazuma Pan National Park is an unspoiled wilderness of open grassy plains which are reminiscent of the game parks in Eastern Africa rather than South African parks. The park has big numbers of animals that often migrate seasonally from Botswana, especially during the dry season months.

Kazuma Pan is a challenging destination, but this is what makes it appealing for those who want their adventure to feel like a discovery.


Here are some of the activities you can enjoy on your visit to Kazuma Pan National Park in Zimbabwe.

  • Wildlife game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Camping
  • Nature Walks
  • Photography

When To Visit

The best time to Visit Kazuma Pan National Park is during the dry season months of April to October.

Unlike many other wildlife game parks, Kazuma Pan National Park is often closed to visitors for some months of the year. This is especially during the wet season months of the year.

Getting There

Kazuma Pan National Park is easilly accessible. You can get a flight to Victoria Falls and proceed with a drive to the park. The drive from Victoria Falls will take around 2 hours.

The roads in the park are very undeveloped and rough. We therefore advise going with a strong 4WD car that can handle the bad roads.

At the peak of the wet season (January and February), the roads are completely impasable. This is one of the reasons why the park is closed to people in these months.

Where To Stay

Like the roads, the infrastructure in Kazuma Pan National Park is almost non-existent. There are 2 old campsites where visitors might camp for the night.

These campsites provide very basic facilities and are far from glamping spots. Visitors should come packed and ready to be self sufficient for the length of there stay because if you run short, you won't have options or alternatives.

The best option is getting intouch with a local tour operator from Zimbabwe to help you figure out all the details and needs for this off-the-beatean-path adventure.