Soweto, Johannesburg - South Africa

Soweto, a historic and vibrant suburb in Johannesburg, South Africa, is rich in cultural legacy and political significance.

Soweto, South Africa's biggest black urban settlement, is a destination where tourists may learn about the country's apartheid past and the hardships of its people. Soweto is now a flourishing centre of activity, with a booming cultural scene, delicious cuisine, and a welcoming community.


  • Visit the Hector Pieterson Museum
  • Explore the Apartheid Museum
  • Visit the Vilakazi Street
  • Go on a Soweto bicycle tour
  • Visit the Regina Mundi Church
  • Explore the Orlando Towers
  • Visit the Soweto Theater

Best time to visit

Soweto is located in Johannesburg, which has a subtropical highland climate with hot summers and chilly to cold winters. The months of April to September are ideal for a visit since temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is negligible.

Month  Average Temp (°C)   Average Rainfall (mm) 
 January  26.3  25
 February  26.3  25
 March  25.6  25
 April  22.5  20
 May  19.0  15
 June  16.1  10
 July  15.6  5
 August  17.0  5
 September   19.0  10
 October  21.2  20
 November   23.1  20
 December   24.7  25

Getting there

Soweto is roughly 20 kilometers from the city center of Johannesburg and is easily accessible by car, with many motorways linking the suburb to other sections of the city.

Visitors may also use the Gautrain rapid rail system from Johannesburg to Soweto, or they can take a taxi or ride-hailing service from other parts of the city.


Soweto has a broad range of accommodation options, from low-cost hostels and guesthouses to luxury hotels. Depending on their interests and budget, visitors can select from a variety of alternatives either inside the neighborhood or in adjacent places.

Visitors to Soweto can be guaranteed of a warm and inviting experience, as well as the chance to enjoy the rich cultural legacy of this historic area, regardless of where they choose to stay.