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Cape Town is one of the most beautiful urban centres in Africa. Squeezed between the towering Table Mountain and the beaches, Cape Town is a hot spot for many people visiting South Africa for holidays or business.

Cape Town is a combination of rich history, natural beauty, and a blend of many world cultures and people. Whether you want to explore the history, take in the scenic views, venture to the beach for some extreme activities, or explore what the all-famous Wine lands have to offer, Cape Town is a bucket list place to visit for both first-timers and seasoned travellers.

In this article, we have picked some of our favourite places in Cape Town that we believe with engage your curiosity. We have left out many places, some popular, some less known, and others extremely niche.

Cape Town is a very interesting place and we had to pick just 10 places.

Without following any particular order, here are the top 10 places to check out when you visit Cape Town, South Africa.

Best Places To Visit In Cape Town

1. Robben Island.

Robben Island is located a few miles from the coast of Cape Town. The Island is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for standing up against the apartheid policy in South Africa.

Before Mandela, the Island also served as a military base, leper colony, and mental institution and now houses a museum where you can learn about the long history of banishment that was associated with the small island.

2. Boulders Beach.

Located just an hour's drive from the centre of Cape Town, Boulders Beach is one of the few places where you can enjoy walking on the beach, as well as swimming in the company of penguins.

The Penguin colony has more than 2000 African Penguins.

3. Victoria And Albert Waterfront.

With Stunning views of Table Mountain, Table Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean, the Victoria & Albert Waterfront is a popular spot for a restaurant, shops, and nightlife.

With art galleries, live entertainment, and a ship museum, V&A is worth exploring.

4. Muizenberg Beach.

Muizenberg Beach isn't a long beach but it is extremely popular for its waves, and surfers love it. The water is slightly warmer compared to other beaches around Cape Town.

Surfing in South Africa is said to have started here, and it is a great place for anyone who wants to learn and enjoy surfing, with lessons readily available.

5. Table Mountain.

Table Mountain is the biggest and most outstanding physical feature of Cape Town. The mountain rises more than 1000 meters above the City of Cape Town to form a table-like Plateau at the top.

Table Mountain is great for hiking as it offers a wealth of views of the surrounding areas. You can also get to the top of Table Mountain via the very famous Cable cars - literally, be above the city.

6. Kirstensbosch Botanical Gardens.

Found at the eastern foot of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is highly regarded as one of the best botanical gardens in the world - and locals from Cape Town love it as much.

The gardens are full of many local plants and some additions from other parts of southern Africa. The flowers and manicured grass make for a great family day of picnicking or relaxing walks.

You can also start from Kirstenbosch and hike up Table Mountain.

7. Wine Regions.

Cape Town is well known by wine lovers, and you shouldn't miss a tour of how and where it all starts. There are 5 wine regions just outside of Cape Town for you to choose from, the most popular being Stellenbosch with more than 200 wine and grape producers.

If you are someone who enjoys a glass of wine, you will enjoy visiting Cape Town's wine regions.

8. Bo-Kaap

Bo-Kaap's colourful streets have made it a favourite spot for visitors, locals, and photographers. The Sharp and bold colours make it seem like you are standing in a place so far from Cape Town and South Africa.

The origins of the Bo-Kaap date back to the 1760s when many rental houses were leased to slaves. The former slaves in Bo-Kaap came from Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as other Asian and African countries.

Its location at the foot of Signal Hill is ideal if you want to continue and hike up Signal Hill for the views, or the firing of the Noon Gun

9. Seal Island

Seal Island is a small granite island off the coast of Cape Town and is named for its huge population of Cape Fur Seals. Besides the Seals, many sea birds like the small Island as well as sharks that prey on the seals.

With more than 60,000 seals on the 5-acre island, the uninhabited Island is truly colonized by the seals. Without any beach or significant soil cover, the Island is perfect for seals, birds, and the sharks that prey in the nearby waters.

10. Cape Point


Cape Point is part of the area covered by Table Mountain National Park and is at the southeastern corner of the Cape Peninsula. The Towering cliffs, green hills, and stunning bays are a sight for the eyes with the 1-hour drive from the city of Cape Town.

Both the new and the old lighthouses provide incredibly vast views that make you feel as if you are at the end of the world. 

Along with Cape Point, you can visit the Cape of Good Hope and explore Simon Town and the nearby beaches.

While Cape Point might be thought of as the southernmost point of Africa, that honour goes to Cape Agulhas which is around 220 kilometres east of Cape Town.

Final Thoughts

While we left out some places, a visit to Cape Town is an experience unlike any other African experience - in an urban setting. Cape Town's history, culture, and natural beauty offer so much to do for locals and visitors alike.

From the historical monuments and museums to scenic views of the city or the ocean, Cape Town has much more in between, and the warm hospitality to keep you wanting.