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Windhoek is the capital and biggest city in Namibia and is home to a large urban population of people from all over the country. This makes it a great place to experience the different cultures, as well as the beautiful fusion of those cultures, the country's history and everything in between.

Except for a few people doing multi cross country driving, most visitors to Namibia will be flying in and flying out via Windhoek. This makes it an easy addition to any safari in Namibia.

While Namibia's countryside is mindblowing, Windhoek remains the best place to learn about Namibia as well as the daily lives of the people in the city. 

Windhoek Nambia


On your visit to Namibia's capital - Windhoek, you can enjoy the following activities

  • Visiting National monuments & Museums
  • Visiting the Windhoek Railway Station
  • Seeing wildlife in the nearby game parks
  • Shopping in a local market
  • Visiting Katutura Township
  • Taking part in popular events like Oktoberfest
  • Photography
  • Trying local street foods

When To Go

Windhoek can be visited all year round for experiences in the culture and history of Namibians. The dry winter months between June and October are the best time to visit Windhoek because there is little to no chance of rain, and the temperatures are slightly cooler for outside exploration.

The cooler temperatures and clear skies allow you to explore all the interesting places in Windhoek.
Windhoek doesn't receive a lot of rainfall so the biggest inconvenience in the other months is the slightly warmer temperatures.

Getting There

Windhoek is easy to get to since international flights will be coming in, directly to the city. From the airport to your hotel or residence, it is a short drive.

Where To Stay

As the biggest town, there are plenty of accommodation options in Windhoek to satisfy every budget and level of luxury.

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