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Welcome to Nasaolot National Reserve, an enchanting haven tucked away in the pristine landscapes of Kenya. Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the hidden wonders of this remarkable sanctuary.

Nasaolot National Reserve boasts a diverse and breathtaking wilderness, where untouched beauty thrives. Picture yourself immersed in sprawling grasslands, where golden hues stretch as far as the eye can see. This untouched paradise is home to a remarkable array of wildlife, from majestic elephants gracefully traversing the plains to elusive big cats prowling through the tall savannah grasses.

As you venture deeper into Nasaolot National Reserve, you'll discover its well-preserved ecosystems. The reserve is teeming with an abundance of birdlife, offering a captivating symphony of melodies as you stroll along its tranquil trails. Capture glimpses of colourful avian species, from vibrantly feathered songbirds to majestic birds of prey soaring overhead.

Unwind in the serenity of this untouched wilderness, where the whispers of the wind harmonize with the rustling of leaves. Breathe in the fragrant scents of the surrounding flora and let the tranquil ambience envelop your senses. Nasaolot National Reserve provides a sanctuary for reflection and connection with the natural world.

Embrace the spirit of adventure as you explore Nasaolot National Reserve, where nature's secrets unfold before your eyes. Witness the untamed beauty of this remarkable landscape and forge lasting memories as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of the wilderness. Nasaolot National Reserve invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where the allure of nature's wonders awaits at every turn.

Activities At Nasaolot National Reserve

1. Game Drives

Embark on thrilling game drives through the reserve's vast landscapes, encountering a diverse array of wildlife including elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, and various antelope species.

2. Nature Walks

Explore the reserve on foot, guided by experienced rangers. Discover the rich flora and fauna, spot unique bird species, and learn about the traditional uses of plants and herbs by local communities.

3. Cultural Encounters

Immerse yourself in the customs and traditions of the local communities living near the reserve. Engage in cultural activities, witness traditional dances, and learn about their way of life.

4. Birdwatching

Nasaolot National Reserve is a haven for bird enthusiasts. With over 200 bird species, including the rare Jackson's Widowbird and Eastern Paradise Whydah, you can enjoy exceptional birdwatching opportunities.

5. Camping

Experience the tranquillity of the reserve by camping under the starlit African sky. Spend a night surrounded by nature, enjoying the sounds of the wilderness and the spectacular views.

Best Time To Visit Nasaolot National Reserve

The best time to visit Nasaolot National Reserve is during the dry season, which typically extends from June to October.

During this time, the weather is generally pleasant, and wildlife congregates around water sources, making it ideal for game viewing. The average temperature ranges from 20oC to 30oC (68oF to 86oF).

January  35 26 oC 79 oF
February  40 27 oC 81 oF
March 80 27 oC 81 oF
April 150 26 oC 79 oF
May 180 24 oC 75 oF
June 50 22 oC 72 oF
July 30 22 oC 72 oF
August 40 23 oC 73 oF
September  70 24 oC 75 oF
October 120 26 oC 79 oF
November 110 26 oC 79 oF
December 40 25 oC 77 oF

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Getting There

Nasaolot National Reserve, a hidden gem in the heart of Kenya, awaits your discovery. Situated near the town of Nandi Hills, the reserve is easily accessible from Eldoret, a vibrant city located approximately 80 kilometres (50 miles) away.

From Eldoret, enjoy a scenic drive of about 2 hours through picturesque landscapes, lush farmlands, and rolling hills to reach the enchanting Nasaolot National Reserve.

Where To Stay

While exploring the wonders of Nasaolot National Reserve, indulge in the comfort of nearby accommodations that offer a seamless blend of nature and relaxation.

Experience the warmth of traditional Kenyan hospitality at Nandi Safari Lodge, nestled in the heart of the reserve. For a unique experience, consider staying at the charming Nandi Hills Guesthouse, providing a tranquil retreat amidst scenic beauty.