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Mount Moroto is a volcano located in Northeastern Uganda, along the international border with Kenya. It is one the chain of volcanic mountains that stretches alongside the Kenya-Uganda border, Starting from mount Elgon, and including Mount Murongole and Mount Kadam.

At the highest peak, Mount Moroto raises to a height of 3,083 metres (10,115 feet) above sea level. The area around mount Moroto is a forest reserve that protects a range of ecosystems from the arid savannah at the foot to the dry montane forest up the mountain.

The mountain is found in the Karamoja region and the adjacent town of Moroto is named after the mountain.

Peace in the Karamoja region is seeing an increase in tourism and Mount Moroto is increasingly popular for hiking and light mountain climbing tours by both local and international visitors.


On your visit to Mount Moroto, you can enjoy any of the following activities.

  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Bird watching
  • Camping
  • Learning about Karamajong culture

When To Visit

Moroto Moroto can be visited at any time of the year but the best time is during the dry season months between October and April. The rainy season can be quite difficult for hiking because of the heavy downpour and the slippery slopes.

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Getting There

Mount Moroto is located just 3 kilometres out of Moroto town and can easily be reached from there.  Moroto is located around 520 kilometres northeast of Kampala, Uganda's capital and biggest city.

Driving from Kampala to Moroto through Mbale would take around 8 hours. There are several interesting stops along the way and the drive can be broken into parts with stopovers in Jinja, Sipi FallsPian Upe and more.

Where To Stay

Moroto town is just adjacent to the mountain and has some accommodation options to fit most budgets and preferences.