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Kruger National Park is located in Northeastern South Africa. Kruger is one of the largest game parks in the whole of Africa - and covers an area of close to 19,500 square kilometres.

Kruger National Park is recognized as a UNESCO International Man and Biosphere, as part of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. Kruger is well known for wildlife safaris of the big five game animals as well as other mammals, birds and water animals.


On your visit to South Africa's Kruger National Park, you can enjoy any of the following activities

  • Wildlife Game drives
  • Guided Nature Walks
  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching
  • 4WD Adventure trails
  • Playing Golf

Animals In Kruger National Park

On your African safari to Kruger National Park, you will be treated to so many animals. Here are some of the animals present in South Africa's Kruger National Park.

  • Elephants
  • Giraffes
  • Hippos
  • Bat-eared Foxes
  • Leopards
  • Rhinos 
  • Lions
  • Mountain Reedbucks
  • Cheetahs
  • Buffalos
  • zebras
  • African Wild dogs
  • Wildebeests 
  • Hyenas
  • Impalas
  • Sable Antelopes
  • Waterbucks
  • Elands
  • Hartebeest
  • Roan antelopes
  • Reedbucks
  • Pangolins
  • Monkeys
  • Servals
  • Caracals
  • Oribis
  • Baboons
  • Bushbucks
  • Bushpigs
  • Kudus
  • warthogs
  • Bushbabies
  • Nyalas
  • Tsessebe
  • Civets

When To Visit

You can visit Kruger National Park at any time of the year. The dry season months of April to September are considered the best time to visit since it is easier to find many animals near the various water bodies.

Getting There

You can reach Kruger National Park either by road or by Air. Since there are daily flights from the major South African cities to Airports near Kruger, many visitors choose to fly and then hire a car for the shorter distance.

You can also drive from Johannesburg up to Kruger National Park. From Johannesburg to Kruger you will need to endure a long drive of about 7 hours to cover the 520 kilometers of road. If you are driving from Cape Town, it would take you more than 20 hours to cover the 1,900-kilometre journey.

This is why most people opt for flights to reduce time. 

Where To Stay

There are lots of accommodation options in Kruger National Park. You can get very luxurious lodges with all the luxurious amenities.

There are options for other budget-friendly accommodations such as Bungalows, Safari Tents, and camping. You can pick whatever option interest you most or best suits your budget.