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Khenifiss National Park is located in the Southwest of Morocco. The national park was established in 2006 to protect the desert, wetlands and coastal dunes of the area.

Khenifiss National Park was initially a natural reserve in 1960 and later classified as a Permanent Biological Reserve in 1983 due to its international importance as a wetland.

The national park is well known for the Khenifiss lagoon - on the coastal portion.


On your visit to Khenifiss National Park in Morocco, you can enjoy any of the following activities.

  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Boat rides on the Naila lagoon
  • Fishing
  • Witness local salt making

When To Visit

You can visit Khenifiss National Park at any time of the year. The summer months from July to October have relatively high temperatures but not considerably higher than any other season of the year. Many people do visit in the summertime.

As you sort out your schedule, consider if you might want to visit the nearby Canary Islands as well as the Windfarm in Tarfaya.

Getting There

Getting to Morocco is very easy. Its close location to Europe also means you will get inexpensive flights from Europe and other North African countries. 

You might opt for a domestic charter flight to Tan Tan Airport but most people drive and enjoy the various attractions along the way. As Morocco has many airports, make sure that you land on the one nearest to your area of interest and not 'just in Morocco'.

From Tan Tan to Khenifiss, you can take the National Route 1, which goes through several towns and even crosses Khenifiss National Park down to Tarfaya.

Where To Stay

On your visit to Khenifiss National Park, you have plenty of options on where you can stay. The nearby towns of Akhfenir and Tarfaya provide you with a lot of options.

The towns are located near the national park and wouldn't require a long morning/evening drive. Akhfennir is located only 20 kilometres from Khenifiss National Park.

There are options for desert camping if you want to spend the night under the big open sky.