zanzibar swimming in the ocean
Best time to visit Zanzibar. When to go for beach, culture & water activities
Zanzibar is among the most well-known island beach getaways of Africa because of the beautiful beaches and glimmering waters. Here is when you should go.
pongwe beach in zanzibar
Things To Do In Zanzibar. 12 activities that make Zanzibar worth visiting
Beyond the stunning beaches, the history and culture of the Zanzibar Islands offer much more to the visitors. Here are 15 things you can enjoy in Zanzibar
herd of elephants
What do African Elephants eat? What make elephants grow so big?
What do the biggest land animals eat? Let's look at what elephants eat, drink as well as how much they need to survive.
Relaxing chimp
Chimpanzee Facts. 13 captivating facts about man's closest animal cousins
Besides, being our closest animal relatives, chimps are a very interesting species - whose population is sadly decreasing.
mount Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania
Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is home to Africa's tallest peak which attracts many mountain climbers for tough adventure fun.
herd of zebras
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
Tarangire National Park is one of Tanzania's premier wildlife destinations, with elephants, zebras, wildebeest and so much more.
african wild dog eating
15 interesting Facts about Wild dogs. The Best hunters, and incredible care takers
The African wild dog (painted dog) is a special canine that is both a fierce hunter and an incredibly nurturing caretaker. Here are more fascinating facts for you.
tree climbing lionesses in manyara
Manyara National Park, Tanzania
Manyara National Park is situated between Lake Manyara and the great rift valley covering an area of 325km. This protected area is in Arusha Tanzania around the Manyara region.
elephants drinking in selous game reserve
Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
Selous game reserve is considered Africa’s largest and oldest reserve with beautiful scenic wildlife destinations. The reserve comprises wilderness, grassy plains, open woodland, mountains, and forests. This game reserve is also considered a lion conservation unit.
Serengeti Migration
Top places to visit in Tanzania. 12 places we think you will love.
Tanzania is a great African Safari destination - and for good reason. With way too much to see and do in Tanzania, we have shared 12 of our favourite places to visit in Tanzania.
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