mt sabinyo
Mount Sabinyo, Uganda, Rwanda DR Congo
Mount Sabinyo Straddles Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. At its highest peak, you can be in all 3 countries at the same time.
eastern lowland silverback gorilla
22 Incredible Facts About Gorillas. Relation to humans, Diet, Habitat, strength & more
Seeing gorillas is one of the top African Safari Experiences. Here are some things that make gorillas very interesting and exciting to see on holiday.
volcanoes np gorilla
Mount Bisokoe, Rwanda
Created as a result of rift action on the boundary of the Great Rift Valley, Bisoke is well known in the environmental research world because Dianne Fossey's work to protect gorillas happened here and still continues after her death.
paradis malahide island in lake kivu
Best Time To Visit Rwanda. When to go for gorillas, wildlife & more
Plan your trip to Rwanda around the best time for your preferred activity. Here is all you need to know.
volcanoes np gorilla
Is Rwanda Safe for Tourists? Yes, and here is why you needn't worry
Are you interested in visiting Rwanda, but not sure if you will be safe? learn more on how safe it is, and what to avoid doing.
musanze caves rwanda
Musanze Caves, Rwanda
With 15 kilometres of cave passages, Musanze's 52 caves are a fascinating site to learn about the geography of the rift valley, as well as Rwanda's past.
paradis malahide island in lake kivu
Lake Kivu, Rwanda & DR Congo
The surrounding mountains and the emerald waters - dotted with islands make Lake Kivu a wonderful getaway.
rwanda visa requirements
Rwanda Tourist Visa. Requirements, Process & Exemptions
Rwanda is a top destination worth visiting and the streamlined process of getting a visa is an added incentive to visit this land of natural beauty, great apes and lovely people.
volcanoes np gorilla
6 Best Places To Visit in Rwanda. Unmissable places for your Rwanda Itinerary.
Our 6 picks of places to visit in Rwanda will have you falling in love with the land of a thousand hills. For gorillas, culture, history and adventure.
Relaxing chimp
Chimpanzee Facts. 13 captivating facts about man's closest animal cousins
Besides, being our closest animal relatives, chimps are a very interesting species - whose population is sadly decreasing.
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