malindi marine national park
Malindi Marine National Park, Kenya
Malindi is a perfect Kenyan destination if you want to enjoy the water sports and exploration as well as the beautiful beach - all in one place.
flamingos in nakuru kenya
Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
Aside from being celebrated home for countless flamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park is also home to the savannah wildlife and predators.
northern white rhino in ol pejeta
Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya
Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a former beef ranch that is now known as the home of the last 2 remaining northern white rhinos as well as other wildlife and birds.
fort jesus mombasa
Fort Jesus, Kenya
Built around 1593, Fort Jesus is regarded as one of the best examples of 16th-century Portuguese military fortifications.
lamu island kenya
Lamu Archipelago, Kenya
The combination of peaceful shores, as well as the blended history of many cultures, make a visit to the Lamu archipelago a journey for the mind and soul.
rhinos in Nairobi np
Nairobi National Park, Kenya
Despite the small size, Nairobi National Park is known for the big numbers and variety of wildlife as well as being one of the best rhino sanctuaries in Kenya.
elephants in tsavo east np
Tsavo East National Park, Kenya
Tsavo East National Park is located in Southeastern Kenya. Tsavo East's semi-arid grasslands and savannahs are renowned strongholds for vas amounts of wildlife.
elephant in tsavo west np kenya
Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
Tsavo West National Park is a beautiful wilderness with palm-fringed rivers, lava rock, waterfalls and sprawling savannah teeming with animals and birds.
leopard in buffalo springs nr kenya
Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kenya
Buffalo Springs National Reserve is one of Kenya's hidden gems for wildlife experiences, with the intimacy of a wilderness not crowded with visitors.
grevys zebra in samburu
Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Samburu National Reserve is one of Kenya's Smaller game parks that is popular for its landscapes and wildlife.
masai mara national reserve kenya
Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Masai Mara's profusion of wildlife makes it one of the best African destinations for people who want to see animals in big numbers.
giraffes in samburu national reserve
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lion pride in maasai mara
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Amboseli np elephants and kilimanjaro
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Mount Kenya's snow peaks
Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya
Mount Kenya National Park is located in central Kenya and named after the main physical feature - Mount Kenya. The park was gazetted in 1949 to protect Mount Kenya and the surrounding ecosystem of plants and animals.
Amboseli np elephants and kilimanjaro
Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Amboseli Nationa Park is located in Southern Kenya near the border with Tanzania. If having and up close and personal viewing of elephants is on your bucket list, Amboseli is among the best places to do that.
Elephants in Aberdare National park
Aberdare National Park, Kenya
Aberdare National Park is located in Central Kenya. The game park is located in the Aberdare Mountain range which is found in the Eastern arm of the great East African Rift Valley.
MV Vanessa on Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania
Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water lake in Africa, and second only to L.Superior in the entire world. The lake is shared among Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.