Attractions to visit on your African Safari

There is so much to see, do and explore in Africa, and this is a great starting point.

From National Parks, Ancient Towns, Museums, waterfalls, mountains, beaches and so much more, we have put all the attractions here for you. If you have a place or activity in mind, you can save some time by simply searching on the website (our search is pretty awesome).

  • ssezibwa falls
    The fascinating tales of Ssezibwa Falls are as old as the Buganda Kingdom. Buganda locals and Royals visit the falls for blessings and good fortune.
  • mt elgon caldera camping
    Mount Elgon is the largest and oldest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa and has the world's largest volcanic mountain caldera.
  • mount moroto
    Mount Moroto is increasingly popular with visitors because it offers wonderful hiking experiences to appreciate the beauty of the Karamoja region.
  • rhinos at ziwa uganda
    Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is a safe haven when Rhinos in Uganda are protected from human and non-human predators.
  • elephant in khaudum np namibia
    Khaudum National Park is Namibia's most remote and isolated wildlife haven. The undeveloped rugged trails are ideal for those who want to explore unchartered territory.
  • waterberg national park
    Waterberg Plateau National Park was created to protect animals from poaching and predators. The imposing cliffs stand as a fortress protecting the wildlife.
  • Windhoek Nambia
    Windhoek is Namibia's capital and biggest city with great options for exploring the local culture and the country's history.
  • Sossusvlei big daddy dune
    Sossusvlei is one of Namibia's top tourist attractions for the great landscapes that are nowhere else in the world. The high dunes and white salt pans make it a landscape of dreams.
  • lake bunyonyi local canoe
    Lake Bunyonyi's beautiful scenery and proximity to parks with gorillas have made it an increasingly popular holiday stop for both locals and international visitors.
  • MV Vanessa on Lake Victoria
    Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water lake in Africa, and second only to L.Superior in the entire world. The lake is shared among Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. 
  • elephants in Akagera np
    Akagera National Park is located in Eastern Rwanda along the Rwanda-Tanzania border. Named after the Kagera river, Akagera National park includes swamp, savannah and montane habitats for various animals and plants.
  • paradis malahide island in lake kivu
    The surrounding mountains and the emerald waters - dotted with islands make Lake Kivu a wonderful getaway.
  • Roan antelope in kafue national park
    Kafue National Park is the biggest game park in Zambia - and covers an area the size of Wales. The park is named after Kafue River and it stretches over the 3 provinces of Northwestern, Central and Southern Zambia.
  • Rhino in Lusaka National Park
    Lusaka National Park is located south-east to the city of Lusaka - Zambia's capital city. It is Zambia's smallest and newest national park and officially opened in 2015.