Lake Victoria, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake in Africa, and second only to Lake Superior in the entire world. The lake is shared among Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. 

Lake Victoria is one of the original unifying physical features of the 3 East African countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania). Lake Victoria was named by John Hannington Speke after the British Queen - Queen Victoria - in 1858.

Lake Victoria is a shallow depression/warp lake that is dotted with more than 100 islands and peninsulas. This makes it ideal for fishing. The white sandy beaches on the islands as well as the natural environment and forests make the lake very ideal for several tourism activities.

MV Vanessa on Lake Victoria


You can visit Lake Victoria from any of the 3 countries and enjoy a wide array of activities, such as;

  • Fishing
  • Boat rides
  • Camping
  • Island hopping
  • Bird watching
  • Horseback sightseeing
  • Chimpanzees at Ngamba Chimp Sanctuary (Uganda)
  • Exploring the source of the Nile (Jinja, Uganda)

When To Visit

You can visit Lake Victoria at any time of the year. The equatorial climate is warm all year round.

Many visitors - especially to Uganda usually combine some L.Victoria activities with the rest of their Uganda safari activities such as gorilla tracking. This is what determines their schedule.

Getting There

Lake Victoria is very accessible. Uganda's Entebbe International Airport is literally located on one of the peninsulas on the shores of Lake Victoria.

There are several landing ports in all the 3 countries that are easily reached by road.

Because Uganda's Capital-Kampala is located very close to the lake, you might find it cheaper and more straightforward. Some activities will only be possible in Uganda [indicated above in the list of activities].

Where To Stay

There are plenty of accommodations for your visit to Lake Victoria. These can be found in the nearby towns and the Islands.

On some of the Islands, you will find great luxury hotels that are frequented by both domestic and international people for romantic and relaxing getaways.