El Feidja National Park

Barbary stags in El Feidja np tunisia

El Feidja National Park is located in Northwestern Tunisia. The park is home to many animals most notably the Barbary stag, African golden wolf and Barbary boar.

El Feidja is located in the natural and unspoilt regions of Khroumirie which is the most humid part of Tunisia. With a history dating back more than 10,000 years there are vestiges of barber civilization such as tombstones and fortresses.

Elf Feidja is well know for both is natural beauty as well as the archeological and cultural significance.


On your visit to El Feidja National Park, you will be able to enjoy any of the following activities.

  • Wildlife viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Exploring prehistoric remains

When To Visit

El Feidja National Park is best visited in throughout the year with the exception of winter. The wet and rainy Mediterranean winter has average temperatures of 7 degrees Celcius and can drop to 0 degrees and lead to snow.

The summer temperatures are usually at around 29 degrees Celcius but with the possibility of going up to 45 degrees when the sirocco blows in from the Sahara desert. 

While you will be hiking under the lush forest, remember to carry your water bottle and sunscreen.

Getting There

El Feidja National Park is located 195 kilometres west of Tunis - the capital city of Tunisia. The park is also 17 km from Ghardimaou and 49 km from Jendouba. The longest drive [from Tunis] to El Feidja National Park will take you 3 hours.

Where To Stay

El Feidja National Park is located 1 kilometre from the town of Ain Soltane where camping options are plenty. Luxury hotel options are limited but can be accessed in the other towns which with are quite distant from the national park.

To make certain of your accommodation, you should consult with a local tour agent so that you get the latest on-ground info.