Attractions to visit on your African Safari

There is so much to see, do and explore in Africa, and this is a great starting point.

From National Parks, Ancient Towns, Museums, waterfalls, mountains, beaches and so much more, we have put all the attractions here for you. If you have a place or activity in mind, you can save some time by simply searching on the website (our search is pretty awesome).

  • volcanoes np gorilla
    Volcanoes National Park is well known as a home to endangered mountain gorillas and was the base research area for primatologist Dian Fossey.
  • musanze caves rwanda
    With 15 kilometres of cave passages, Musanze's 52 caves are a fascinating site to learn about the geography of the rift valley, as well as Rwanda's past.
  • paradis malahide island in lake kivu
    The surrounding mountains and the emerald waters - dotted with islands make Lake Kivu a wonderful getaway.
  • Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walkway
    Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in Southwestern Rwanda - along the border with Burundi. Ngunywe Forest NP is popular with people who want to see chimpanzees in the wild, on their trip to Rwanda.
  • volcanoes np gorilla
    Created as a result of rift action on the boundary of the Great Rift Valley, Bisoke is well known in the environmental research world because Dianne Fossey's work to protect gorillas happened here and still continues after her death.
  • elephants in Akagera np
    Akagera National Park is located in Eastern Rwanda along the Rwanda-Tanzania border. Named after the Kagera river, Akagera National park includes swamp, savannah and montane habitats for various animals and plants.
  • elephants in tsavo east np
    Tsavo East National Park is located in Southeastern Kenya. Tsavo East's semi-arid grasslands and savannahs are renowned strongholds for vas amounts of wildlife.
  • northern white rhino in ol pejeta
    Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a former beef ranch that is now known as the home of the last 2 remaining northern white rhinos as well as other wildlife and birds.
  • elephant in tsavo west np kenya
    Tsavo West National Park is a beautiful wilderness with palm-fringed rivers, lava rock, waterfalls and sprawling savannah teeming with animals and birds.
  • flamingos in nakuru kenya
    Aside from being celebrated home for countless flamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park is also home to the savannah wildlife and predators.
  • malindi marine national park
    Malindi is a perfect Kenyan destination if you want to enjoy the water sports and exploration as well as the beautiful beach - all in one place.
  • grevys zebra in samburu
    Samburu National Reserve is one of Kenya's Smaller game parks that is popular for its landscapes and wildlife.
  • Mount Kenya's snow peaks
    Mount Kenya National Park is located in central Kenya and named after the main physical feature - Mount Kenya. The park was gazetted in 1949 to protect Mount Kenya and the surrounding ecosystem of plants and animals.
  • masai mara national reserve kenya
    Masai Mara's profusion of wildlife makes it one of the best African destinations for people who want to see animals in big numbers.