Attractions to visit on your African Safari

There is so much to see, do and explore in Africa, and this is a great starting point.

From National Parks, Ancient Towns, Museums, waterfalls, mountains, beaches and so much more, we have put all the attractions here for you. If you have a place or activity in mind, you can save some time by simply searching on the website (our search is pretty awesome).

  • Sipi Falls Uganda
    Sipi Falls is a series of 3 waterfalls on the foothills of Mount Elgon. It is probably the most popular hiking destination in Uganda for both locals and guests from abroad.
  • mt sabinyo
    Mount Sabinyo Straddles Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. At its highest peak, you can be in all 3 countries at the same time.
  • Ssese islands sunset
    The Ssesse Islands are green forested gems in the middle of lake victoria, with white sand beaches. Locals and international visitors enjoy relaxing there.
  • yawning hippo
    Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda's popular Savannah game parks with lots of animals, birds and beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Zebras and Eland in Lake Mburo Uganda
    Lake Mburo National Park is located in Southwestern Uganda along the Kampala Mbarara highway. Lake Mburo, together with 13 other lakes forms an extensive wetland system. Lake Mburo is popular for its zebra population in Uganda.
  • gorilla mother and baby
    Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is most notable for the endangered mountain gorillas which provide great personal experiences to tourists who come to visit.
  • Chimpanzee in Kibale np Uganda
    Kibale National Park is well-know for being a very important eco-tourism and safari destination in Uganda because of the population of habituated chimpanzees, as well as 12 other species of primates
  • zebras in national park
    Kidepo Valley National Park is located in North Eastern Uganda, along the borders with Kenya and South Sudan. Gazetted in 1962, Kidepo Valley National Park remains Uganda's most remote and surely finest wilderness.
  • golden monkey
    Aside from being the other place where you can see mountain gorillas, Mgahinga is the only place where you can find golden monkeys in Uganda.
  • murchison falls rainbow
    Murchison Falls National Park is located in north-western Uganda. Murchison Falls was gazetted in 1952 and is bisected by river Nile from East to West over a distance of 115 kilometres.
  • ostriches in pian upe
    Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is one of the least explored protected areas in Uganda, and a perfect getaway from the more popular places, yet full of interesting wildlife.
  • lake mutanda
    Lake Mutanda is a small freshwater paradise tucked in between Uganda's home of the gorillas.
  • rwenzori snow
    Rwenzori's climate zones present a stunning beauty, with forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and snowfields. While not the tallest, Rwenzori is the toughest African mountain to climb
  • semuliki hotspring close up
    Semuliki National Park is located along the floor of the rift valley in western Uganda. Semuliki's combination of Eastern and Central African ecosystems is the only one in East Africa.