African Travel Destinations to Visit

Explore all parts of Africa by starting with a single country.

From the stunning landscapes packed with wildlife to the thousands of cultures, you can explore Africa in your own way - as none else could. Learn about the possibilities in some of the most liked and visited African Destinations.

  • El Jem Ampitheatre in Tunisia
    Apart from the beautiful beaches, Tunisia has much more for you to enjoy. From the many historical sites that represent centuries of heritage, the great food, the vast desert, and even star wars village among others.
  • Stone hewn Lalibela in Ethiopia
    The less understood culture and deep history are what makes Ethiopia so fascinating for the adventuring mind. Besides its rich history, Ethiopia has beautiful and scenic landscapes that go from plateau to the start of the great rift valley as well as many natural habitats for animals and small ancient tribes.
  • sahara desert morocco
    While Morocco is very close to Europe and Spain, the culture is reminiscent of an African country whose culture is interwoven with many other cultures. From exploring the beautiful towns and beaches to hiking in the desert, Morocco is an exciting place to go on holiday.
  • giza pyramids wide
    Egypt is highly credited as the start of modern civilization. It is also arguably the first major travel destination on the African continent. 
  • lion and lioness
    Zambia is well known for its rich wildlife in South Lwanga and Kafue National Parks. Wildlife safaris in Zambia are characterized by great game viewing and luxurious services in the remote wildernesses.
  • Pride of lions on the road in Kruger np
    Many people come to South Africa for wildlife viewing, beach holidays, and cultural tours of the many areas including the Wine producing regions.
  • evening sunset over Victoria falls
    Nothing can quite compare to the sheer beauty of Victoria Falls - and Zimbabwe offers the best experience of this natural wonder. Plus a lot more.
  • Amboseli np elephants and kilimanjaro
    Kenya is the place where safari travel originated - and it thrives on. Kenya is popular with visitors who what to enjoy the classic wildlife safari experiences such as seeing the big-5 animals or watching the annual great migration of wildebeest.
  • quirimbas national park mangroves
    Mozambique is on the rise as the next best place to go seaside and beach holidays in Africa. Mozambique is popular with visitors who are keen on exploring its coastline that is dotted with small islands and islets full of rare marine life, birds and the incredible Indian ocean beaches.