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swimming in devils pool
Devil's Pools Victoria Falls. Safety, Cost & all the essential info to know before your visit.
The Devil's Pool at Victoria takes the idea of an infinity pool to the skies. We've put together all the information you should know before going on this ultimate adventure of a lifetime - at the edge of Victoria Falls.
pongwe beach in zanzibar
Visiting Zanzibar. Common questions about Zanzibar - Answered
Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about traveling to Zanzibar.
zanzibar swimming in the ocean
Best time to visit Zanzibar. When to go for beach, culture & water activities
Zanzibar is among the most well-known island beach getaways of Africa because of the beautiful beaches and glimmering waters. Here is when you should go.
namibia visa
Namibia Visa Requirements. Processes & exemptions for tourists
You need a visa to travel to Namibia. Here are all the requirements, exemptions, the process, and more to prepare you.
kenya visa
Kenya Visa Requirements. Requirements, process & exemptions
Kenya is the place where safari travel originated. Before you can visit Kenya, you need to get a visa. Here are all the things you should know beforehand.
EA Tourist visa flags
East Africa Tourist Visa. Visit Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with 1 visa
The East Africa Tourist Visa is a single entry visa for foreigners who are visiting any combination of the East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.
safPat covid
Staying Healthy on Safari. Avoiding Covid, Malaria, Allergies & more on African Safari
Your safari experience should be one of pleasure and fun, not ill health. Here is how you can easily stay healthy for your entire safari.
vaccinations for african safari
Vaccinations for an African Safari. Required & recommended shots
Going on a safari is extremely exciting and rewarding we wouldn't want to be ruined by sickness. Here are some of the vaccinations you might need before going on safari.
African Safari Packing List