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giza pyramids in egypt
Top 12 Places to Visit in Egypt. Giza Pyramids, the Nile, Oases, beaches & more.
Experience the beauty and diversity of Egypt - from the pyramids to the crystal clear waters of the beach and sea. Discover all that Egypt has to offer for your travel plans in 2023.
walking hippo
Where do hippos live in the wild? Habitat, threats & the top 15 parks to visit for hippos.
Get an in-depth look into the habitat of hippos in Africa's rivers, lakes, and swamps. Discover where you can find Africa's most dangerous animal.
seeing a silverback gorilla
Visiting Uganda for Photography. A Photographic Paradise of Wildlife, Landscapes & Culture
Whether you take photos at a professional level or you are a hobbyist, Uganda will give you a rewarding experience.
herd of elephants in Uganda
What Elephants Eat. What African elephants eat in the wild to grow so big
What do the biggest land animals eat? Let's look at what elephants eat, and drink as well as how much they need to survive.
rhinos at ziwa uganda
What Do Rhinos Eat In The Wild. The Diet & Eating Habits of Rhinoceros in the wild.
Have you ever wondered what rhinos eat? Learn all about the diet and eating habits of rhinos in the wild.
zambia visa
Zambia Tourist Visa. Visa requirements, fees, process, exemption & more for visiting Zambia
Here is your guide to getting a tourist visa for Zambia before you can go and explore the wildlife, Victoria Falls, and more.
nyungwe canopy walkway
Best places to Visit in Rwanda. 6 unmissable places to visit for your Rwanda holiday trip
Our 6 picks of places to visit in Rwanda will have you falling in love with the land of a thousand hills. For gorillas, culture, history and adventure.
vic falls flight of angels
Things to do in Victoria Falls. 15+ exciting activities to enjoy in Africa's adventure capital.
Victoria Falls is regarded as the adventure capital of Africa. What would you do there? We've put together some ideas on the best things you can do.
tanzania visa
Tanzania Tourist Visa. Visa Requirements, Fess, Process, Exemptions & more for visiting Tanzania
Here is your guide to getting a tourist visa before you go to Tanzania for a safari trip.
masai mara national reserve kenya
Best Places to Visit in Kenya. 13 places to visit on your Kenya safari holiday in 2023 & 2024
Kenya is the home of the African Safari, with a blended mix of beaches, wildlife, mountains, and culture. Here are the Best Places to Visit in Kenya.
zimbabwe visa policy map
Zimbabwe Visa for Tourists. Visa Requirements, Process, Fees & Exemptions for visiting to Zimbabwe.
Before you can visit Zimbabwe, you will need to get a visa. Here is all the information you need to know about getting the visa, as well as the visa exemptions.
uganda martyrs celebrations
Celebrating The Uganda Martyrs. The 45 heroes of modern religion in Uganda
Every year on June 3rd, the global Christian community celebrates the story and the sacrifice of the Uganda Martyrs. It is a big deal, and here is the whole reason why.
gelada monkey on cliff, ethiopia
Is Ethiopia Safe for Tourists? Travel safety tips & some areas to avoid
Safety comes to mind whenever someone wants to visit Ethiopia for its unique culture, history, and unbelievable nature. This article looks at what you should keep in mind while planning.
khufu pyramid cross section
Facts About The Giza Pyramids. 8 interesting things to know about the Egyptian pyramids of Giza
The Giza pyramids have been the most popular tourist attraction for curious minds for millennia and continue to fascinate. Here are some interesting things to know.
Windhoek Nambia
10 Interesting Places to Visit in Windhoek, Namibia's Capital. For History, Culture & Wildlife
You can fully experience the life and people of Namibia by taking some time to visit Windhoek. Here are the 10 places worth checking out.