African bush vs Forest Elephants. How you can tell apart Africa's 2 elephant species.
African elephants are often thought of as one species but they are 2 separate species. There is the African forest elephant as well as the African bush/savannah elephant.
muddy elephant
Facts About African Elephants. 22 massive facts about the biggest land animal.
Here are some interesting facts about elephants - that will leave you talking about elephants to everyone - and rightfully.
male warthog with big warts
Facts About Warthogs. Interesting things about real 'pumba' in the African wild
The warthog is not the best looking but among the most recognized of small African animals. Here is what makes the Pumba an interesting animal.
giraffes in the wild
15 Interesting Facts About Giraffes. Habitat, diet, big hearts & more.
Besides the obvious height of giraffes, they also have a big hurt and give birth in an interesting way. Here are some fun things to learn about Africa's tallest animal.
zebras with foal
Why Zebras Have Stripes. Are the stripes important for the zebra?
Zebras are striking animals because of their unique stripe patterns. These stripes do more than making a zebra look good, they keep it alive.
paradis malahide island in lake kivu
Best Time to Visit Rwanda. When to go for gorillas, wildlife & culture.
Plan your trip to Rwanda around the best time for your preferred activity. Here is all you need to know.
zanzibar clear waters
Is Zanzibar Safe to visit? With 5 simple safety tips to keep in mind
Zanzibar is popular for its pristine beaches and rich history. Here is all you should know about safety, with some simple tips to make sure you never have to worry while you are visiting Zanzibar.
african buffalo head
19 Interesting Facts About African Buffaloes. The Fearless Gangsters Of The African Wilderness
While African buffaloes are the most aggressive animals in Africa are also very altruistic and have great social bonds. Here are some fun facts
Facts about Rhinos. Facts about the Horn, Skin, social habits and more.
Did you know that a rhino is closely related to horses and Zebras? From the skin, horn, food, and social habits, well look deeper into a rhino's life.
resting zebras
38 Dazzling Facts About Zebras. Zebras. Stripes, speed, habitat, conservation & more.
There are many questions about zebras, and luckily the science and conservation have provided a lot of answers - which we love learning about and sharing with you.
blue wildebeest running
Facts about the Wildebeest. Interesting things about the gnu antelope.
Wildebeests are the stars of the great migration. Here are some interesting things to know about the gnu.
spitzkoppe namibia
Best time to Visit Namibia. When to visit Windhoek, Sossusvlei, Etosha & more
Whether you want the oldest desert or the classic African wildlife, Namibia is all that and more. Here is when you should go to Namibia for a safari holiday.
herd of elephants in Uganda
Top Things to do in Uganda. 8 Travel Activities to enjoy in Uganda
Thinking about going to Uganda for a holiday? Here are the things that visitors like doing in Uganda - and speak very highly of.
pangolin head
16 Interesting Facts About Pangolins. Scales, tongue and why they are poached.
Pangolins are the world's most illegally trafficked animal. These interesting animals should be known for much more.
muddy elephant
Big 5 African Safari Animals. A look at the BIG 5 - and where to find them
The African big-5 game animals are comprised of Rhinocerous, African Elephant, African Lion, African Leopard and the Cape Buffalo. Let us explore what makes them part of the big-5 and where you can actually see all of them.