herd of elephants in Uganda
What Elephants Eat. What African elephants eat in the wild to grow so big
What do the biggest land animals eat? Let's look at what elephants eat, and drink as well as how much they need to survive.
gelada monkey in Ethiopia
What Monkeys Eat In The Wild. Hint, it is not bananas
Monkeys in the wild rarely ever eat bananas. Let's look at what monkeys eat in the wild.
flamingo mates
Fun Facts About Flamingos. 13 amazing things about flamingos. Diet, Flying & more.
Their long curvy necks, long legs, and pink color make flamingos a spectacle to enjoy. Here are 13 facts you probably didn't know about flamingos.
choosing the RIGHT safari for you
Choosing an African safari. 11 tips on how you can choose a safari that is RIGHT for you
The choice to travel to Africa shouldn't be difficult. In this article, we'll look at some insights to help you choose an African Safari - that fits your needs.
Murchison and Uhuru Falls
12 Interesting Facts About River Nile. The most important river for human civilisation
As the lifeblood of Egypt, the Nile was crucial in kickstarting our human civilization. Here are some interesting facts about the Nile River.
gorilla mother and baby
Gorilla Trekking Eligibility. Can you be allowed to see gorillas
The excitement of being able to see gorillas shouldn't blind you to the strict gorilla tracking eligibility and regulations. Here is all you need to know before you pay for your gorilla trekking safari.
okavango hot air balloon
Things to see & do in Botswana. 11 exciting options for your safari to Botswana
From the flourishing wildlife, scenery, history, and outstanding political stability, Botswana is a gem and a wonder. Here are 11 incredible things to see and do in Botswana
meerkats on look out
12 Fascinating Facts About Meerkats. Size, diet, smell & immunity to scorpion venom.
A look at the interesting life of the Meerkats of Namibia and Botswana. Here are 12 facts to make you love meerkats.
uganda visa requirements
Best Time to Visit Uganda. For gorillas, chimps, wildlife & more
Whether it is the gorillas, the wildlife or the other countless things Uganda is worth visiting. Here is when you should go for gorillas, chimps, wildlife and more.
giraffe on the road in uganda
Is Uganda Safe to Visit? Yes, and Here is why you shouldn't worry.
Is it safe for you to visit Uganda for safari and gorillas? And some additional tips to make sure you and your stuff stay safe - and focused on the experience.
giraffe in etosha
African Safari Animals. Bucket list animals to see on an African Holiday [extensive list].
The African continent is very rich in natural wildlife. This is the biggest factor for visitors who come to see these wild animals in their undisturbed natural environment.
ghana visa requirements
Ghana Tourist Visa. Requirements, Exemptions, Process & more.
Before you can visit Ghana, you need to obtain a visa. Here is how to go about the entire process of getting a visa to visit Ghana.
egypt safe to visit
Is Egypt Safe To Visit? Safety info and tips for your Egyptian trip.
Do you want to visit Egypt, but are worried about safety? This article addresses all that you might need to know so that you can safely travel to Egypt.
khufu pyramid cross section
Facts about the Giza Pyramids. 8 interesting things about the pyramids of Giza
The Giza pyramids have been the most popular tourist attraction for curious minds for millennia and continue to fascinate. Here are some interesting things to know.
south luangwa np zambia
Where to see African Elephants in the wild. 30+ Places to see elephants in Africa.
Seeing elephants is one of the most satisfying African safari experiences. Let's look at where you can go and meet elephants in their wild home for that wonderful connection.