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rhino with poached horn injury
African Animals Lifespan. Which animals live the longest in the wild & why?
The life span of African wild animals is an important indicator of their overall health and well-being. It is a good indicator of the importance of conservation efforts.
lion pride in maasai mara
African Safari Animals. 17 Bucket list wild animals to see in Africa.
Discover the natural wildlife of Africa - the biggest draw for visitors seeking to see legendary wild animals. Here are the animals you will find in Africa's lush forests and vast savannahs.
wildebeest super herd great migration
Wildlife of the Serengeti. 15+ Wild animals you can see in the Serengeti on safari
Visiting the Serengeti is on most travelers who want to see wildlife in the millions. Here are the animals of the Serengeti National Park.
lake kivu in rwanda
Is Rwanda Safe? Safety info & guidelines for your visit to Rwanda. [updated]
Are you interested in visiting Rwanda, but not sure if you will be safe? We answer that and so much more so that you can make your interest a reality.
Chimpanzee Diet. Uncover the chimp's diet, eating habits & much more.
Chimpanzees are the closest relative to humans that we know of. Here is what they eat when in the wild.
chimp close up face
Chimp Habitat. Where do chimpanzees live in the wild?
Chimpanzees, our closest animal relatives live in the rainforests of Western and Central Africa. Learn all about their habitat, and how you can see chimps in the wild.
giza pyramids wide
Best Time To Visit Giza Pyramids & Cairo In Egypt. With monthly climate data showing average temperatures.
Cairo and the Giza pyramids are on most travelers' bucket lists. Here is the best time to visit for exploring the Giza pyramids and Cairo in Egypt.
shoebill with prey
15+ Facts About The Shoebill Stork. Size, wingspan, diet, flying & more.
The shoebill's solitary, and quiet demeanour makes it seem as though you are looking at an alien bird that has been dropped into this new world. Here are some things that make shoebills fascinating birds.
gelada monkey in Ethiopia
What Do Monkeys Eat? Uncover the surprising diet of monkeys in the wild. [not really bananas]
Monkeys in the wild rarely ever eat bananas. Let's look at what monkeys eat in the wild.
zanzibar clear waters
Is Zanzibar Safe for Tourists? All you will need to know & a few tips to keep in mind for 2023
Zanzibar is popular for its pristine beaches and rich history. Here is all you should know about safety, with some simple tips to make sure you never have to worry while you are visiting Zanzibar.
greater kudu males
10 Incredible Facts About Kudu Antelopes. Horns, Size, Diet, Habitat & much more
With their elegance and awe-inspiring presence, kudus are a true spectacle of nature - known for their spiral horns that reach for the heavens.
python constricting a goat
African Rock Pythons. 18 Surprising Facts About Habitat, Diet, Size & More
The African rock python is the biggest snake of all African serpents. Learn about their size, how they hunt, and how they're adapted to live in the savannas and grasslands of Africa.
hippo vs lion
African Animals Bite Force. Which African animals bite the strongest? Hippos, Crocs, Lions?
Uncover the incredible bite force of African animals including lions, hyenas, hippos, and more. Discover how these creatures have evolved to survive in the wild.
herd of elephants in Uganda
15 Heaviest African Animals. What is the heaviest animal in Africa?
With so many Animals in Africa, which animals would you think weighs the heaviest? Some of them will surprise you.
gorilla mother and baby
Gorilla Trekking Eligibility. Can you be allowed to see gorillas? Everything you need to know.
The excitement of being able to see gorillas shouldn't blind you to the strict gorilla tracking eligibility and regulations. Here is all you need to know before you pay for your gorilla trekking safari.