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hippos open mouth
20 Fun Facts About Hippos. Why you should love, respect (and absolutely fear) them.
Although hippos may appear cute and gentle, they are actually the opposite. Here is how fascinating and formidable these animals truly are.
adorable young gorilla face close up
Mountain gorilla Habitat. Where you can see mountain gorillas live in the wild in Africa
Here is where you should go if you want to see mountain gorillas. You will have to visit them in their natural wild home because they aren't anywhere else.
gorilla eating bamboo
Frequently Asked Questions About Gorilla Trekking. 18 common questions - answered.
Gorilla trekking brings you face to face with the mountain gorillas in the most exciting African Safari Experience. Here are some answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about gorilla trekking.
silverback gorilla
21+ Interesting Facts About Gorillas. Relation to humans, diet, habitat, strength & more
Seeing gorillas is one of the top African Safari Experiences. Here are some things that make gorillas very interesting and exciting to see on holiday.
gorilla eating bamboo
What Gorillas Eat. Their diet, eating habits & how much food a gorilla eats per day.
Let's look at what gorillas eat to get their big size and superior strength. Their table manners, and how much food gorillas eat.
Sleeping gorilla
How Gorillas Sleep. Exploring the Sleeping Habits of Gorillas
Do Gorillas Dream? Discover the Mysterious World of Gorilla Sleep! Explore their Nesting Rituals and unique Sleep Patterns, and Uncover the Impact of Human Intrusion.
african buffalo head
18 Fun Facts About African Buffaloes. The Fearless Gangsters Of The African Wilderness
While African buffaloes are the most aggressive animals in Africa they are also very altruistic and have great social bonds. Here are some fun facts
Facts about Rhinos. 16 things to know about their horns, thick skin, social habits & more.
Did you know that a rhino is closely related to horses and Zebras? From the skin, horn, food, and more, we'll look deeper into a rhino's life.
cheetah in kruger np
Facts About Cheetahs: Cheetah Spots, Habitat, Speed, Hunting, and More
Do you know why cheetahs have tear marks? Discover this and much more with our collection of 25+ astonishing facts about cheetahs. Learn all the things that make cheetahs remarkable.
Visa-free for Americans
Visa-Free African Countries for USA Citizens. 10+ countries to visit, visa-free.
US citizens can visit more than 10 African countries without a visa. Discover which countries you can visit and how long you can stay visa-free.
blue wildebeest running
17 Interesting Facts About Wildebeest. Diet, Habitat, Size, Speed & the great migration.
Learn about the wildebeest, including their habitat, and diet. Find out how they migrate, and their role in the ecosystem. Get the inside scoop on these amazing creatures.
lion pride in maasai mara
Where to see lions in Africa. 15+ African national parks where you can see lions in the wild
Seeing lions in the wild is at the top of most people's lists when planning a wildlife safari in Africa. Here are the 17 places you see wild lions on a visit to Africa.
pangolin head
16 Interesting Facts About Pangolins. Scales, diet, long tongue and why they are hunted.
Pangolins are the world's most illegally trafficked animal. They should be known for much more. Here are more interesting things about pangolins.
Africa's Most Successful Hunters. Lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog & Hyena. Which is best & why?
The actual master of hunting success and efficiency in Africa's bush may surprise most people. With each animal having unique advantages for the hunt, expect your assumptions to be challenged and your knowledge to be broadened.
Endangered African animals. 18 endangered & critically endangered African animals.
Africa is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife in the forests and savannahs. Here are 18 of the most endangered African animals that you might be able to see on safari.