nyungwe canopy walkway
Best places to Visit in Rwanda. 6 unmissable places for your Rwanda holiday trip
Our 6 picks of places to visit in Rwanda will have you falling in love with the land of a thousand hills. For gorillas, culture, history and adventure.
giza pyramids wide
Best time to visit Giza Pyramids & Cairo in Egypt. With Monthly Climate Data
Cairo and the Giza pyramids are on most travelers' bucket lists. Here is the best time to visit for exploring the Giza pyramids and Cairo in Egypt.
lake kivu in rwanda
Is Rwanda Safe for travel? Yes, and here is why you needn't worry
Are you interested in visiting Rwanda, but not sure if you will be safe? learn more on how safe it is, and what to avoid doing.
male lion on a rock
Interesting Facts About Lions. 16 roaring things to know about the king of beasts.
From the powerful roar to its hunting technic, a lion's life is a very interesting one. This article will dive into the fascinating facts that make lions very interesting beasts.
giraffe on the road in uganda
Giraffe Wild Habitat. 60+ Places to see wild giraffes in Africa. In 16 Countries.
Giraffes are the tallest land animal and can be taller than 6 meters ( 20 ft). You can see giraffes in the wild in over 60 National Parks in sub-Saharan Africa.
giza pyramids in egypt
Top Places to Visit in Egypt. 12 places you will enjoy visiting in Egypt
Whether you want to witness the history from thousands of years ago or to enjoy the very best beach and sea exploration, Egypt has something for you
leopard v cheetah eyes
Differences between Cheetahs And Leopards. 10 ways [with pictures] to easily tell leopards from cheetahs.
They both have beautiful patterns on their coats and are big cat predators. Here is how you can very easily tell cheetahs and leopards apart.
south africa visa requirements
South Africa Visa. Requirements, visa process and exemption
Before you can go to South Africa for your visit, you will need a visa. We'll look at the requirements for a South African visa, the cost, and exemptions.
african wild dog eating
15 interesting Facts about African Wild dogs. The Best hunters, and incredible care takers
The African wild dog (painted dog) is a special canine that is both a fierce hunter and an incredibly nurturing caretaker. Here are more fascinating facts for you.
morocco visa requirements
Morocco Visa. Requirements, fees, process & exemptions
For you to visit Morocco, you will need to first obtain a visa before you set off. Here is everything you need to know about the requirements, fees, application process, and visa exemptions.
marrakech sunrise morocco
Top places to visit in Morocco. For Culture, Old Medinas, the desert and much more
Many people come to morocco because of the different attractions that they would like to explore. Morocco has so much to offer for any visitor, but we are going to focus this article on 15 places that make a visit to Morroco very special.
tunisia visa requirements
Tunisia Visa Requirements, Cost and Exemptions
Before you can explore all that Tunisia has to offer, you will need to get a visa. Here is all the info to help with your Tunisia Visa.
gelada monkey on cliff, ethiopia
Is Ethiopia Safe for Travel? Safety tips and some areas to avoid
Safety comes to mind whenever someone wants to visit Ethiopia for its unique culture, history, and unbelievable nature. This article looks at what you should keep in mind while planning.
hippos at the zoo eating watermelon
What do Hippos Eat? In the Wild, the Zoo & how much food per day
Hippos are some of the exciting African animals to see on safari. But since they are rarely seen eating, here is all you need to know about what hippos eat and the relevant habits.
herd of elephants in Uganda
What Elephants Eat. What African elephants eat in the wild to grow so big
What do the biggest land animals eat? Let's look at what elephants eat, and drink as well as how much they need to survive.