Lake Nasser, Egypt

Lake Nasser is located in Southern Egypt, and Northern Sudan, and it is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. It was formed by constructing the Aswan High Dam across the Nile. 

More than 80% of the lake is in Egypt while the remainder is lies across the border in Sudan. Lake Nasser refers to the part of the lake found in Egypt, while the Sudanese lake is called Lake Nubia.

Lake Nasser follows the path of the Nile, and the interesting history and life of Egypt - past and present.


While at Lake Nasser you can partake in any of the following activities.

  • Boat cruise
  • Sportfishing
  • Visiting Old Temples and monuments
  • Hiking in the desert
  • Bird watching
  • Photography

When To Visit

Lake Nasser can be visited at any time of the year. The best time to explore the areas around Lake Nasser is during the cooler temperature months of December to February. 

The winter season is Egypt's high season tourism period because of the slightly cooler temperatures. While the lake and its shores have slightly cooler temperatures, this doesn't transfer over a larger area.

The months of March to early May as well as October and November have slightly comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds and are perfect for people who prefer less crowded attractions.

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Getting There

Lake Nasser is located around 850 kilometres south of Cairo and can be reached by both cars as well as domestic flights.

Driving from Cairo to lake Nasser can take up to 12 hours, but there are interesting attractions along the way that can help you break up the drive into parts. After reaching Aswan, many people opt to cruise the rest of the way via houseboats on the Nile.

There are several scheduled domestic flights to and from Cairo on all days of the week. As you fly into Egypt, check for the international flights to Luxor and the long drive could easily be eliminated.

Where To Stay

Lake Nasser's shores are lined with a wide array of accommodation options that cater to every budget and preference. There are also houseboats where you can stay and sleep on top of the river Nile.

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